Is there going to be a second season of Cruel Summer?


Is there going to be a second season of Cruel Summer?

CRUEL SUMMER is now available on Amazon Prime Video, but will the psychological thriller be renewed for a second season?

Olivia Holt, a former Disney star, and Chiara Aurelia, from Netflix’s horror thriller Fear Street Part Two: 1978, feature in Cruel Summer. The Amazon Prime Video series is chock-full of surprise plot twists that will keep you guessing. So, are there going to be any more new episodes? Here’s what we know thus far regarding Cruel Summer’s future.

The story follows Kate (Holt) and Jeanette (Aurelia), two youngsters who appear to have nothing in common but whose lives are turned upside down over the course of three summers.

Kate is shown as a gorgeous and popular young woman who mysteriously vanishes.

Meanwhile, Jeanette has always been an awkward outsider, but she suddenly begins to be liked by everyone.

However, her fame does not last long, as she becomes the most despised person in the United States.

Dr. Amir had been ‘struck out’ by Eamonn Holmes for a video call to Ruth Cruel Summer season one has been released in its entirety today, Friday, August 6.

Subscribers may now binge-watch all ten episodes on Amazon Prime Video over the weekend.

So, has Cruel Summer been renewed, canceled, or has the show’s makers yet to make an announcement?

Fortunately, the choice has been made, and Cruel Summer fans can rejoice.

The psychological thriller has been renewed for a second season by network Freeform.

Cruel Summer premiered on the channel in April before being picked up by Amazon Prime.

But, even before it was made available to worldwide audiences on the streaming site, Freefom announced that there will be more episodes to come.

Tara Duncan, the network’s president, said the show’s reception had been “overwhelmingly favorable.”

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[EXPLAINER] Duncan said in a statement, “It was an easy decision to renew Cruel Summer for a Season 2.”

“It’s Freeform’s biggest series premiere ever, and the reception has been overwhelmingly favorable.

“[Executive producers] Jessica [Biel], Michelle [Purple], and [showrunner]Tia [Napolitano] did an incredible job weaving a captivating story.”


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