Is there a true tale behind Clickbait?


Is there a true tale behind Clickbait?

The limited series CLICKBAIT tells a story of murder and mystery set in the cyber world, and it has kept Netflix viewers on the edge of their seats. Is the plot, however, based on a true story?

Clickbait is an American-Australian miniseries that premiered on Netflix on August 25, 2021, with all eight episodes available. The plot revolves around Nick Brewer (Adrian Grenier), a family guy who inexplicably vanished after a video of him holding signs that read “I abuse women” and “At five million views, I die” went viral on social media. As his family tries to figure out what happened to him, they uncover the fuzzy lines between reality and virtual interspace, but is the premise founded on true events?

Tony Ayres, who also serves as the show’s executive producer, co-created the series with Christian White.

Ayres was interested in developing a story that depicted the same set of events from several perspectives since he had always been attracted by murder mysteries.

Each episode of the show follows a new character as they deal with Nick’s disappearance and the crimes he’s accused of.

However, given the significance of social media and virtual reality in today’s society, Ayres decided to center the plot on cyber-crime.

And, as the crew was conducting comprehensive research to learn more about internet illegalities, they came across heartbreaking instances of what real individuals had gone through.

“We became obsessed by the idea of new categories of criminality that have emerged since the internet has taken over our lives,” Ayres added.

“[We] went away and produced this great research document where he scoured the globe for these kind of crimes where the virtual spills over into the real world and has a significant impact on people.

The executive producer noted, “[We] chose to make our show based on a number of genuine incidents that had actually happened.”

Ayres knew how the story for Clickbait would unfold before the scripts were produced, despite not giving any details about the stories used to form the show’s foundation.

Based on several true crimes

Ayres, Tony

“I recall discussing about these cases that we were extremely captivated by on the second day of the [writers’] room,” he continued.

“And then there was this.” Brinkwire Summary News


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