Is the Carter family ripped apart over Frankie Lewis’ pregnancy on EastEnders?


Is the Carter family ripped apart over Frankie Lewis’ pregnancy on EastEnders?

If Frankie Lewis realizes she’s pregnant, EASTENDERS’ Queen Vic landlords Mick and Linda Carter may find it difficult to keep their family together.

After discovering Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) was her father earlier this year on EastEnders, Frankie Lewis (played by Rose Ayling-Ellis) has loved every minute of getting to know her new family. When Nancy Carter (Maddy Hill) learns that Frankie is pregnant, the Carters may be torn apart.

Frankie played matchmaker after admitting she was going to Manchester to visit some friends in Friday’s EastEnders, which can be seen on BBC iPlayer.

Nancy was persuaded to join her out drinking, and she covertly hooked her up with Zack Hudson (James Farrar).

When Zack called off their romance, the Carter daughter was devastated.

She has no idea, however, that both Zack and Frankie are at blame for her recent vehicle accident.

Nancy softened towards her sister at the Prince Albert, admitting she was glad she had urged her to go out.

The Queen Vic barmaid said, “Thank you for this.” “As well as having my back.”

When Zack arrived to the Prince Albert, he asked, “Alright, what’s the emergency?”

“Are you joking?” Nancy realized Frankie had set her up, and she expressed her displeasure. “I don’t require this.”

“Did you say anything to her?” “Enough, both of you,” Frankie said when Zack inquired. I’ll leave you to it since you miss her and he.”

As Zack sat down and tried to explain himself, Nancy joked, “I ain’t got all night.”

However, the EastEnders resident was unable to express his emotions and chose to leave.

Nancy answered, “Yeah, that’s it.” “Go pick some random person to stroke your ego, then ghost her.”

Zack protested, “I don’t want to,” and Nancy said, “I bet you’ve had a new female every night since we slept together.”

He said, “One, I did it once.” “It was a mistake, but I’m getting better at them.”

“I still believe the biggest blunder was messed up with you.”

Nancy observed, “I think it’s been a crazy year, like finding out I had a surprise sibling.”

Zack quipped, “Perhaps we should create a support group,” before Nancy interjected, “I thought we had something.” I’m not sure why you were so hot and cold with me.”

He said, “I’m an idiot, and I miss you telling me that,” to which she replied, “I miss that too.”

The two appeared to be reuniting. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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