Is Seonghwa by Ateez on Stan Twitter? After the newest post by a K-pop idol, Atinys is in a panic.


Is Seonghwa by Ateez on Stan Twitter? After the newest post by a K-pop idol, Atinys is in a panic.

Fans believe Ateez’s Seonghwa is secretly following tweets on Stan Twitter after he reshared a fan’s post.

Are there any of our favorite idols among us? While artists and their labels use Twitter to keep fans updated and promote their work, Stan does not. Twitter is the lighter side of social media, where fans can gush over their favorite celebrities, generate memes, and basically be themselves. It’s tough to understand inside jokes or stan slang unless you’re a fan… or if you’re the idol everyone’s talking about. While the majority of K-pop singers avoid using Stan Twitter, some do so under anonymous profiles. And Ateez’s Seonghwa could be the latest suspect.

As everyone’s favorite meme user GOT7’s Bambam demonstrates, some idols freely connect with Stan Twitter. Bambam is definitely on Stan Twitter, from posting memes of his GOT7 colleagues to sharing fan posts. Some idols use their Twitter accounts to recognize followers during fan events. Because of the odd memes shared by members on their Fancafe, some Atinys (Ateez’s fandom) speculated if Ateez was on Twitter as well (K-pop messaging forums). However, Atinys have gone insane after Seonghwa reshared a post from Stan’s Twitter account.

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Seonghwa retweets a fan’s tweet.

Fans noticed Seonghwa’s Ateez merch during his latest V Live performance, when he neatly exhibited all of his group’s CDs. Fans thought it was adorable and urged him to post a picture of his shelf on Fancafe, which he did. However, the image was hazy. Someone on Stan Twitter joked about Seonghwa being able to upload high-quality images. He took the tutorial that @transforatz had tweeted and captioned it as a thank you on Fancafe.

I know you loiter around here, so here’s a tutorial on how to post high-resolution photos to Fancafe! — (@transforatz) 13th of October, 2021 “Thank you tinys..h hehet,” Seonghwa said. Now is the time for you to show yourself, hwa. @hwahwateez — hwa (@hwahwateez) 14th of October, 2021 Atinys was pleasantly delighted when he noticed the Twitter user’s post and then reshared it. Fans believe he has a Stan Twitter account and was likely following user @transforatz. As a result, Atinys has been creating amusing reply memes on Twitter. “Whenever it becomes clear seonghwa,” one fan wrote. Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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