Is Season 4 of Yellowstone set to premiere on September 22nd?


Is Season 4 of Yellowstone set to premiere on September 22nd?

Season four of YELLOWSTONE is coming soon to the Paramount Network. Is the next season set to premiere on September 22nd?

The fourth season of Yellowstone has been a long time coming for fans of the Paramount show, but it appears that the wait is finally over. Season four’s new trailer gives fans a sense of what to expect, as well as a time frame for when the show will air. Will season four, on the other hand, premiere on September 22?

Season three of Yellowstone concluded on August 23, 2020, and fans have been waiting for word about the fourth season ever since.

Many people began to wonder what was going on with the fourth season as prospective air dates passed them by.

The show’s usual June premiere date went without any word from Paramount on when viewers could expect to see the Duttons again.

Finally, on July 2, hope arrived in the form of the season four reveal trailer, which provided fans with much-needed hope in the form of a release date.

The teaser, however, did not include a precise release date, only noting, “Coming this Fall.”

The ambiguous release date pleased some fans but disappointed others, as it might entail a long wait until December 2021.

However, because Fall is right around the corner, the wait may not be as long as it appears.

Fall runs from September 22 to December 21, therefore the next season might begin as early as the end of September.

This isn’t impossible, given that filming for the fourth season wrapped a few months ago and Paramount is well into post-production.

In order to maintain the momentum that the series has gained thus far, Paramount will want to get the season out as soon as possible.

According to Deadline, though, Paramount is shooting for a November release date.

This assertion has received no response from Paramount, despite the fact that it would place the season squarely in the center of the Fall release window.

Regardless, the wait is almost over, and one of the show’s actors has guaranteed that it will be well worth the wait.

“Appreciate y’all!!!” Jefferson White captioned a photo of himself on set as Jimmy Hurdstrom. “Brinkwire Summary News” for Season 4.


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