Is Richard Schiff departing The Good Doctor following the hospital change as Aaron Glassman?


Is Richard Schiff departing The Good Doctor following the hospital change as Aaron Glassman?

Season 5 of THE GOOD DOCTOR has just begun, but is Dr Aaron Glassman’s time at St Bonaventure Hospital coming to an end?

The fifth season of The Good Doctor premiered last month, and it appeared to be a pretty quiet period for Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) and Lea Dilallo (Paige Spara), who are now engaged and happily married. However, it appears that troubles will now arise in their work lives as a result of a leadership change. The hospital has been purchased by Salen (Rachel Bay Jones), but the episode two teaser suggests that it will not be for the better.

Salen was introduced as a perplexed patient in the first episode of The Good Doctor, New Beginnings, who asked random questions regarding the hospital’s operations.

However, it was then discovered that she was the new owner of St Bonaventure and had a slew of new ideas for sprucing up the facility.

However, the teaser for Piece of Cake hinted that there would be some difficulties ahead.

The doctors are now timed throughout procedures and expected to follow a far more rigid regimen under the Ethicure hospital division.

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Most people were less than impressed with Salen’s new way of working right away.

Audrey Lim (Christina Chang) expressed her dissatisfaction with “an algorithm directing me what to do.”

But it appears that Aaron Glassman (Richard Schiff) is the most vociferous in his disapproval of the new boss.

He says to Salen: “You were a false patient when we first met, and now you’re a hostile corporate executive. I’m going to resign.” Will Glassman, however, resign from his position at the hospital as a result of the new changes? The doctor has left St Bonaventure before, when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and had to step down from his position.

Glassman was later fired after being reinstated for firing Jackson Han (Daniel Dae Kim) against the board’s desires in order to safeguard Shaun’s job.

Everything worked out in the end, but now that Salen is the boss, he might be serious about going for broke this time.

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