Is Rand al’Thor a Sheepherder or the Dragon Reborn in ‘The Wheel of Time’?


Is Rand al’Thor a Sheepherder or the Dragon Reborn in ‘The Wheel of Time’?

We meet Moiraine (Rosamund Pike), a lady who can channel the One Power, as Amazon’s The Wheel of Time introduces us to its magical universe. Men haven’t been able to control the power since Lews Therin Telamon, the mythological Dragon of the previous age, shattered the earth millennia ago.

Moiraine now believes that one of the five young villagers from Two Rivers is the foretold Dragon Reborn, the person who has the power to either destroy or save the world. But, Wheel of Time aficionados, who is it? Perhaps Rand al’Thor? Perhaps, but perhaps not. In the meanwhile, Rand is wary of Moiraine, according to Amazon’s character bio: “Her disguised goals, and the forces of evil that seem to be following her, make her a menace in his eyes.” He’s bold, impetuous, and obstinate, yet he’s motivated to protect the people he cares about. Even if he isn’t the person Moiraine is looking for, he will do everything he can to save them from whatever she has planned. But if he is, he might be able to protect everyone.” Josha Stradowski, who plays the character, told IGN in 2019 that “Rand is a sheepherder, a farming boy, and he takes care of the sheep alongside his father.” “He often follows his emotions and makes rash judgments, so I suppose other people would label him stubborn.” But I’d say he’s both affectionate and fearful. He’s a lot of things.” Despite the labels on Rand’s clothing, Josha portrays him as a regular person, not a hero who may or may not be the Dragon Reborn. The Dutch actor explained, “I don’t consider him as a hero.” “I know I make an effort to approach him in a humane manner. ‘Rand – Hero,’ it says on my boot, which I don’t like. “All I want him to be is a sheepherder,” I say. According to Winter Is Coming, Josha recently told reporters that Rand and the other Wheel of Time characters “feel real and human.” “And, despite the fact that it is a work of fiction, I hope you can relate to them.” The relationships between the characters, I believe, are a part in this. Those are the ones that make you feel like you’re making a difference. That’s how I felt while reading the novels. As an actor, I felt like I could do more to make these characters feel more significant.” Josha said in the same interview… Brinkwire quick summary.


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