Is Patrick Trueman, along with his son Isaac, departing EastEnders?


Is Patrick Trueman, along with his son Isaac, departing EastEnders?

Patrick Trueman, his wife Sheree Trueman, and their son Isaac Baptiste have been at the core of a recent hard-hitting storyline on the BBC soap, but might they be on their way out?

Since his arrival in Walford 20 years ago, Patrick (Rudolph Walker) has been a pillar of the EastEnders community. Sheree (Suzette Llewellyn), his third wife and childhood sweetheart, was introduced to viewers of the BBC soap in 2019, who was hiding the fact that they had a son together, Isaac (Stevie Basula). Since making the discovery, the stalwart has vowed to be the greatest father he can be to the young man, but with Isaac’s recent recurrence of schizophrenia, may the trio be on their way out of the show? This webpage has all of the information you require.

When Isaac began dating Lola Pearce earlier this year, it was reported that he had schizophrenia (Danielle Harold).

Isaac proceeded to live his life without his medication, believing he didn’t need it, and it wasn’t long before he began to lose his hold on reality.

Isaac grew obsessed with finding his brother Paul Trueman’s (Gary Beadle) killer, and he believed Ruby Allen’s (Louise Lytton) father, Johnny Allen (Billy Murray), was the mastermind behind the murder.

Unfortunately, one thing led to another, and Isaac was soon taken to a psychiatric facility by the police.

Isaac has been able to work toward his recovery with the help of his girlfriend and family, and he came home during Monday’s episode of the weeknight serial drama.

During these scenes, Sheree told her husband that she and her son were traveling to Trinidad for a long vacation.

Patrick was unaware that his wife had been arranging the vacation for some time in order to get Isaac away from Lola.

Sheree has tried everything she can to get her son and his girlfriend to break up because she believes that being in a relationship causes him to relapse.

She decided that the best way to keep her son away from temptation was for them to leave the nation and start a fresh life elsewhere.

In order to have Isaac all to herself, the desperate mother was willing to forsake her own husband.

Sheree was never seen again.

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