Is Kodak Black a good choice? Rapper deletes his Instagram and Twitter accounts after writing, “I feel like killing myself.”


Kodak Black’s fans took to social media to inquire about his well-being as he disappeared out of the blue

Fans expressed concern for Kodak Black after the rapper deactivated his Instagram and Twitter accounts following a series of posts in which he said he was “depressed” and felt like “killing myself.”

Swathes of the ‘Roll In Peace’ hitmaker’s fans took to social media to inquire about his well-being as he disappeared from the two platforms. It’s yet to be understood what exactly happened, at the time of writing. Brinkwire previously reported how the rapper had expressed his love for actress Zendaya Coleman and was willing to change his life for her.

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Supporters and well-wishers of the rapper were worried after seeing his latest tweets, which he posted shortly before deactivating his Twitter. “Sitting in my Room Crying Feel like killing myself,” the rapper tweeted, adding in another post, “So Lonely Depressed Sad and F**ked Up… Nobody Love Me Nobody Cares…I’m Everywhere @ Once… Friends Playing in My Head…Girls Playin wit My Heart, Wish I Can Go Back To The Start I’ll Never Be Famous.”

Fans were mostly concerned for the ‘Wake Up In The Sky’ hitmaker as he spoke about hurting himself. Many wondered if someone had checked up on him as nobody was sure what happened. “#Roommates, let’s send Kodak Black some love as it seems he’s going through a difficult time,” celebrity gossip outlet The Shade Room tweeted. “Kodak Black reveals he’s been going through a difficult time. Hopefully, YAK is able to feel better and bounce back,” Hip-hop news outlet My Mixtapez added.

“I hope Kodak Black is straight tho. DARK days NEVER last FOREVER .. AFTER EVERY STORM THERE’S A RAINBOW,” one fan wrote. “I’m so worried for Kodak Black bro I’ve been listening to that man since the start:( I hope he’s okay,” another chimed in. “Sending my prayers to @KodakBlack1k, mental health is important, take yo time,” a comment read.

“I hope someone has checked on #kodakblack Not long after he posted this, his IG and Twitter have been deactivated,” a Twitter user added. “I wanna hang with @KodakBlack1k one day that’s really my mans,” another wrote.

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