Is Kim finally dumped Matt after ‘I Love A Mama’s Boy’? ‘Good riddance,’ exclaims ecstatic fans.


Is Kim finally dumped Matt after ‘I Love A Mama’s Boy’? ‘Good riddance,’ exclaims ecstatic fans.

Even though Kim despised Kelly, she patiently put up with her because she loved Matt and was looking forward to marrying him.

On ‘I Love A Mama’s Boy,’ fans came in week after week to watch Matt McAdam and Kimberly Cobb’s train wreck relationship. While Matt’s tight relationship with his mother, Kelly McAdam, made Kim and the rest of the cast feel uneasy, fans were enraged to see him and his mother repeatedly abuse and put down Kim. Even though Kim despised it, she patiently endured it since she was over over heels in love with Matt and looking forward to marrying him.

When Kim was offered a promotion and a job in Texas, however, the blonde beauty was divided between her professional and personal lives. Kim was ecstatic about her promotion and saw it as a fantastic career opportunity, but she couldn’t help but be concerned about how Matt and, more significantly, his mother would respond. Kim was considering taking the job in Texas and hoped Matt would be supportive of her decision and encourage her to pursue her aspirations. Instead, she was chastised and accused of being selfish and disrespectful for prioritizing her job over their relationship.

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Is Matt and Kim still a couple? ‘I Love A Mama’s Boy’ stars unfollow each other’I Love A Mama’s Boy: Is Matt Gay?’I Love A Mama’s Boy: Is Matt Gay? Fans enquire as he wears his mother’s underwear over his girlfriend’s. Despite the dissatisfaction of her mother and son, Kim opted to take the position and concentrate on her profession. When Matt and Kelly threw Kim a going-away party, they showed her the utmost contempt by spending more time showering gifts on each other than on her. As Matt and Kelly proceeded to mistreat Kim, Kim and the show’s viewers became increasingly enraged.

However, it appears that everyone will finally get their much-anticipated catharsis, as the promo for the next episode hinted at Kim perhaps dumped her boyfriend. Matt is shown telling his mother that Kim has departed in the cliffhanger. Kelly later asserts that Kim has made her decision and must now face the repercussions of her decision. Despite the fact that Kelly’s confessional appeared to be somewhat threatening, fans were overjoyed to witness the couple’s divorce.

“OMG is Kim finally going to learn that Matt isn’t a catch?” a fan wondered. I’m looking forward to seeing that scene. Kelly is right beside him since he can’t function without her. #iloveamamasboy.” “I can’t wait for her to dump Huey, she’s deserving of a decent man.” Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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