Is John Tesh all right? After a cancer relapse in 2020, composer was ‘back in the trenches.’


Is John Tesh all right? After a cancer relapse in 2020, composer was ‘back in the trenches.’

After overcoming the first battle against all odds, the pianist opens out about his second struggle with the disease.

After his first cancer diagnosis in 2015, pianist and composer John Tesh was advised to get his affairs in order. Despite the fact that it’s been almost half a decade, he’s still alive and well, and he’s not about to give up. Tesh stated in a new interview that he was in readmission in October 2020, but that he is doing even better this time. He thanks his wife, actress Connie Sellecca, for the improvement, saying, “I wouldn’t have made it without her.” Tesh is far from the lone celebrity on the verge of death. Nicholas Brendon, as we reported in early September, is paralyzed and in “immense suffering,” yet he is alive and fighting his Cauda equina syndrome diagnosis. Tom Felton, the star of the ‘Harry Potter’ films, collapsed during a celebrity golf tournament in late September but is now recovering. We also reported on WWE superstar Triple H’s cardiac incident, which necessitated surgery, in the same month.

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Is Kate Quigley all right? After consuming fentanyl-laced cocaine, comedian isn’t feeling well. Is Stanley Tucci all right? Actor confesses that he was on a ‘feeding tube’ for 6 months due to cancer. Thankfully, all of the stars, including Tesh, appear to be alive and well. On October 9, the pianist will perform his first live steaming performance, which will be dedicated to the “healing power of God’s word” and his cancer battle. If you’re wondering if he’ll be able to host the concert, the good news is that it looks like he will! Is John Tesh all right? Tesh opened out to People about the terrible days following his first cancer diagnosis. “That identity allows you a lot more free rein when you’re in that situation – we thought I was terminally ill,” he continued. Tesh drank heavily in addition to Vicodin, claiming, “people look the other way when you’re drinking scotch every night and mixing the two.” He appeared to be resigned to the inevitable, but his wife quickly realized that this was not the end.

“At the end of the day, my wife and I went toe-to-toe, and she said, ‘I’m not going to put up with this.’ This is also a struggle I’m fighting. ‘And you’re giving up,’ says the narrator. “I wouldn’t have made it if she hadn’t been my advocate and such a wonderful study of prostate cancer,” he added. Several doctors reportedly asked Sellecca if she was “in the medical field” because she became so active in Tesh’s treatments. He had healed and was set to embark on a tour when the epidemic struck. Remission came swiftly after that.

“One morning in October 2020, I awoke in excruciating pain,” he explained. “It’s Brinkwire Brief News,” says the narrator.


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