Is Jimmie Allen withholding information? He Always Wears a Hat for a Reason.


Country music lovers absolutely adore Jimmie Allen for his wonderful discography, amazing vocals, and guitar-playing skills. He’s got songs like “Freedom Was a Highway,” “Make Me Want to,” and “Good Times Roll” to sing along to and he is not slowing down anytime soon.

It’s very surprising he didn’t get far during his time on American Idol since he’s such an adored musician nowadays. Fans of Jimmie love his music but are still asking why he always seems to be wearing a hat! Is there something he’s hiding?

When asked about his favorite accessories by New York Magazine, Jimmie Allen was pretty candid and honest about the items he cares about most in life. Describing the hat he was wearing during the interview, he said, “I always wear a hat. I used to wear fedoras back in the day, then switched over to cowboy hats, but this one is kind of a mix between a cowboy hat and a fedora.”

“It’s like a cowboy hat up top, but instead of the ends folding up at the sides like on a cowboy hat, it’s straight all around, which is actually really hard to find,” he continued. “I first saw this hat on someone else while I was working on a show and I was like, ‘I need to get that.’ I probably own 13 of them now. I wore it on my album cover.”

It sounds like Jimmy just appreciates the look of having a nice hat on, and there’s nothing deeper to his fashion choice than that.

It’s extremely apparent that cowboy hats are part of Jimmie Allen‘s signature look and it would be rare to spot him out and about without one. He revealed in the same interview about his hat obsession that he also really appreciates Nike Everyday Plus cushioned crew socks and Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid sneakers.

According to Motor Trend, he also cares as much about cars as he does about accessories. He revealed he feels connected to Ford trucks and admitted that it was a Chevy Malibu that helped him make it in the city of Nashville. Comfort and style are clearly key for this talented country singer in every aspect of his life.

It doesn’t seem there’s any other reason for Jimmie Allen’s hat obsession aside from the fact that he just really likes how they look…. Brinkwire short summary.


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