Is Jennifer Lopez in good health? According to a Facebook page, the singer was killed in a car accident.


Is Jennifer Lopez in good health? According to a Facebook page, the singer was killed in a car accident.

Jennifer Lopez, 52, was recently seen with Ben Affleck at a movie screening, and she joins a long line of celebrities who have been the target of Internet pranks.

Jennifer Lopez’s death was announced on the internet earlier this week, and it spread like wildfire. The 52-year-old singer was claimed to have died after being engaged in an automobile accident. It was soon revealed that it was all a fake, and that it was just another case of A-listers falling victim to the Internet’s wicked sense of humor.

The inappropriate information about the star of ‘The Boy Next Door’ purportedly spread because of the Facebook page — R.I.P. Jennifer Lopez — which has since been removed. “Our beloved actress Jennifer Lopez passed away at 11 a.m. ET on Saturday, October 2, 2021. Jennifer Lopez was born in New York on July 24, 1969. Her absence will be felt, but she will not be forgotten. Please express your grief and sympathies by leaving a comment and liking this page.” News from the Brinkwire Jennifer Lopez stuns in a superhot crystal bikini while frolicking on the beach in the MV for ‘Cambia El Paso.”Bennifer is real!’: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck make Instagram official. According to reports, the social media profile quickly surpassed one million ‘likes.’ Several others appeared to convey condolences, but reports soon confirmed that Lopez was still alive and that there had been no accident. “She joins the lengthy list of celebrities who have been affected by this fraud,” her representatives claimed. Stop believing anything you see on the Internet; she’s still alive and well.” Even the Daily Mail reported that ‘The Wedding Planner’ actress Jennifer Garner and her fiancé Ben Affleck were seen holding hands at a screening of Affleck’s latest film ‘The Tender Bar,’ which took place on Sunday, October 3 at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood. She was dressed fully in black with long sleeves and a thin skirt. Gold hoop earrings, a chic pair of gold-tinted aviator sunglasses, a black accordion-shaped Valentino handbag, and a huge white Hermès Birkin bag completed her ensemble.

The images can be seen here:

Affleck wore a white T-shirt underneath a beautiful tan suede jacket and slim-fit dark jeans with brown boots for a laid-back look. George Clooney, dressed in a navy polo shirt, baggy pants, and gray sneakers, joined the pair. He also wore a high-end wristwatch.

Meanwhile, the recent phony news regarding Lopez’s death and accident occurred years after she was involved in a car accident in 2014. She, actress Leah Remini, and their children were in a car at the time when they were hit by a suspected drunk driver. According to reports, the accident occurred when Remini, who was driving, came to a halt at a set of. Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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