Is Jared in Manifest a horrible guy? Jared Vasquez, who is he?


Is Jared in Manifest a horrible guy? Jared Vasquez, who is he?

MANIFEST has been one of the most popular supernatural shows in recent years, with fans eager to learn more about the characters. Jared Vasquez: Who is he and is he a horrible guy?

Manifest aired on NBC for three seasons before being picked up by Netflix and reaching a global audience. The show follows a group of airline passengers who unexpectedly vanish for five years while returning to New York City on a flight. Fans want to know more about Jared Vasquez (J R Ramirez), and this website offers all the information they need.

As fans wait for information as to what happened to the passengers, Manifest has kept them on the edge of their seats.

Many of the characters’ fates remain unknown as a result of the show’s abrupt conclusion.

Detective Jared Vasquez, who made his first appearance in the pilot episode, is one of the characters that fans are interested in.

Before the plane vanished, he was dating main character Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh), and he proposed to her.

She, on the other hand, was not ready to marry and chose to take a trip to Jamaica to reflect on her relationship.

Even after Michaela is missing, Jared remains dedicated to her, but he eventually falls in love with her best friend Lourdes (Victoria Cartagena).

Michaela’s parents agreed that Jared should pursue a relationship with Lourdes after he sought their counsel.

He was taken aback when he discovered Michaela was still alive and hadn’t aged a day.

Michaela continued to be cared for by him, and he even stood by her while she was subjected to the inexplicable callings.

Jared even took responsibility for a blunder she made that nearly cost him his job.

He made it plain that he had never gotten over Michaela, and the two ended up sleeping together because they couldn’t deny the chemistry.

However, Lourdes learns of the affair, causing Jared’s marriage to fall apart.

Fans have speculated about Jared’s motivations and whether he has a hidden agenda.

Michaela had begun to wonder why she still trusted Zeke ( Matt Long), and she wondered whether Jared was putting on a show.

When the X’ers manage to abduct Zeke, however, Jared proves himself to be the good guy.

Jared makes it seem like he’s siding with the X’ers, and it’s suggested that they shoot Zeke and blame it on Michaela.

Despite this, Jared and Michaela form an unlikely alliance. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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