Is it true that Jesus was crucified? Is it possible that everything we know about the crucifixion is incorrect?


Is it true that Jesus was crucified? Is it possible that everything we know about the crucifixion is incorrect?

EASTER CELEBRATES JESUS CHRIST’S SUFFERING AND REBIRTH, BUT IS EVERYTHING WE KNOW ABOUT HIS CRUCIFIXION WRONG? Is the tale of the Cross based on photos and accounts from hundreds of years later? What do the historical facts have to say about this?

It is possibly the most well-known photograph on the planet. A man was nailed to two pieces of wood that were crossed. It can be found not only in churches and monuments, but also in innumerable films, most recently and graphically in Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ. Despite the Church’s disapproval, a modern symbolic depiction of the crucifixion still takes place among faithful Catholics reenacting the Passion Play in the Northern Philippines. However, for nearly three centuries after Christ’s death, no evidence or records exist that substantiate the crucifixion of Christ or anybody else in that location.

A new book based on historical documents provides extensive proof.

It may seem unusual that it is tied to a film that appears to spoof the events depicted in the Bible and beyond, but the author Julian Doyle has marshaled convincing arguments.

Doyle worked as a video editor on Monty Python’s Life of Brian, but he spent years studying historical facts for his book, Crucifixion’s a Doddle.

With Express Online, he highlighted his seven most convincing results.

When I realized something wasn’t right, I went back to see if there were any early images of Jesus being crucified, but there weren’t any. Scenes of Jesus’ Crucifixion did not begin to appear until the fourth century. This is the first of them.

Yes, this is the first representation of Christ’s Crucifixion, which may be seen on a little panel on a wooden side door of Rome’s Church of Santa Sabina, which was consecrated in AD 440.

So, around the year 430, the picture we know today was created. Invented because there is no image of Jesus on the cross, and no image of anyone on a cross for that matter.

In 337, Christian Roman Emperor Constantine is said to have prohibited crucifixion, however no historical writings from that time period, only subsequent ecclesiastical histories, confirm this claim.

We fashioned little crosses for the performers to carry in The Life of Brian, as you can see. Only an Olympic athlete could carry the trees represented in most paintings, but “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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