Is it too late to plan a staycation? The availability of lodging in August is significantly lower.


Is it too late to plan a staycation? The availability of lodging in August is significantly lower.

The prospects for Britons wanting to book a last-minute staycation is bleak, with UK hotels at capacity in August.

Hotels in the UK are bursting at the seams as everyone opts for a staycation this summer, and availability is dwindling.

The latest study from hotel booking platform Hoo has been released.

Unsurprisingly, lodging availability for the most popular staycation spots is rapidly dwindling.

When comparing August availability to their most recent study in June, Hoo discovered that 93 percent of lodgings are fully booked, up from 90 percent just a month ago.

The Lake District has witnessed the most growth in bookings, followed by Great Yarmouth.

Holidaymakers may be unhappy to find that Salcombe has sold out of all of its accommodations.

The Isle of Wight and Portmeirion are both 98 percent booked, leaving few options for a last-minute vacation.

While the availability of accommodation for the most popular places in the UK is rapidly decreasing, other areas have reversed the trend.

More accommodation has become available in Padstow, Cornwall, which has gone from 99 percent booked to 86 percent.

With 86 percent of hotels occupied, Brighton and Padstow may be the best chance for a last-minute staycation, with a few rooms remaining.

August appears to provide some nice offers in terms of costs, with the average accommodation price for a night being £30 cheaper than at the start of the summer.

Due to increased demand and a scarcity of available properties, prices in Brighton, the Isle of Wight, and Salcombe have risen dramatically.

Adrian Murdock, co-founder of the Hoo platform, was upbeat about the summer.

“It’s shaping up to be a very busy summer of staycations, and the amount of available accommodation is shrinking by the day as we approach peak season,” he said.

“The good news is that in such uncertain times, the odds of a cancellation are higher than they might be otherwise, so availability is fluctuating in both directions,” he stated.

Adrian Murdock tells those still looking for a staycation spot not to give up hope.

“If you keep flexible on your destination, you still have a good chance of finding a place to stay,” he said.

In popular places, 93 percent of accommodations are already booked.

In The Peak District, Sandbanks, The Cotswolds, and Brighton, just 86 to 88 percent of accommodations are fully booked. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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