Is it safe to fly to Greece because of the staggering surge in Covid cases?


Is it safe to fly to Greece because of the staggering surge in Covid cases?

For British visitors, international travel has just recently begun, with more than a dozen destinations to select from for a relatively hassle-free vacation. However, the threat hasn’t gone away in other parts of the world, as Greek authorities recently reported a sudden and deadly increase in Covid cases.

Travel is once again on the cards for UK residents, who can again visit and return from countries on the Government’s green list without having to comply with a slew of onerous regulations. The list is one of three, each with different constraints based on how a country performs on three different parameters. Greece is on the amber travel list, but a surge of Covid cases could jeopardize its status.

Covid infections on the Greek islands have decreased in recent weeks.

And, like the UK, policymakers in the country had decided to remove most prohibitions.

They had not anticipated the recent spike in illnesses, which occurred overnight.

On Tuesday, Greek public health officials reported 1,797 new Covid cases, an increase of more than half from Monday’s total of 801.

Deaths haven’t risen in lockstep with them, with eight individuals dying in the last seven days, matching the current seven-day average.

Covid has infected 429,144 Greeks and killed another 12,754 people in total.

However, while the increased number of incidents encouraged the UK government to proceed with a scaled-back lockdown, it had the opposite effect in Greece.

Officials are now considering reinstating some of Covid’s restrictions.

To stimulate their tourism-based economy, they recently abolished prohibitions on travel and entertainment.

The most recent infections, however, have been contracted by younger Greeks who have taken advantage of their newfound mobility.

Nightclubs, restaurants, and bars will be subjected to some of the government’s former capacity restrictions once again.

New laws, according to Greek Deputy Citizen’s Protection Minister Nikos Hardalias, will take effect tomorrow.

According to him, Greeks would now have to adhere to “legislated capacity standards,” with hospitality becoming seated exclusively.

Anyone who breaks these laws risks receiving hefty fines or having their business shut down.

Mr Hardalias went on to say that the “emergency measures” will “contain” the virus among young people.

People might then look forward to “a more liberated but, above all, safe summer.”

Greece took a similar approach to unvaccinated persons earlier this week.

While Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis claimed he couldn’t “make vaccination mandatory,” he vowed his government wouldn’t “shut down” again because a few people refused to take their vaccinations.

Travelers to the islands must have a valid immunization certificate and a negative PCR test. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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