Is it possible to wallpaper over wallpaper? Three pointers for getting the best wallpaper.


Is it possible to wallpaper over wallpaper? Three pointers for getting the best wallpaper.

WALLPAPER adds interest and refinement to a room when done correctly, but it can be difficult to avoid making a mess if it’s your first time. Here are three pointers for choosing the right wallpaper.

When the first lockdown was implemented in the UK at the beginning of 2020, sales of paints and wallpaper increased by more than 20% as people took the opportunity to decorate their homes. This trend is still going strong, with many Brits working from home and looking to DIY their ideal living and working space. Wallpaper is a fantastic method to quickly transform a room, but can you wallpaper over wallpaper? Or do you have to start from the beginning? To find out, this website spoke with Abby Hesketh, Product Manager and Paint & Color Specialist at Graham & Brown. Is it possible to wallpaper over wallpaper?

If you don’t like the wallpaper on your walls and want to replace it with something more appealing, you’re probably wondering if there’s a quick way to do it.

It can take some time to remove the wallpaper, sand down and correct any imperfections in the wall, then apply the glue.

While wallpapering over wallpaper may save time in theory, it is not the greatest solution.

If you’re tempted to hang your new wallpaper right over the old one, hold off.

“How well this will work depends solely on the type of wallpaper that has been placed on the wall,” Abby explained.

“It can be done if it is flat or doesn’t have vinyl or a textured surface because the existing wallpaper can be used as a liner paper.

“However, because it can be difficult to determine occasionally, we usually recommend removing the wallpaper first.”

It’s much better to remove the wallpaper first and start over, according to Abby.

“All of our wallpapers, as well as many others on the market,” she stated.

“This implies they’re completely removable; simply peel from the bottom and it’ll come off in one strip!

“It’s a lot easier than using a steamer and scraper because this leaves a reasonably clean surface to work with!”

Always opt for ‘paste the wall’ wallpaper for the quickest installation.

“This implies it has a specific backing that doesn’t expand when wet,” Abby explained.

“In contrast to typical wallpaper, you don’t.” Brinkwire Summary News”.


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