Is it possible to die from laughing? These are the persons that died as a result of a chuckle.


Is it possible to die from laughing? These are the persons that died as a result of a chuckle.

LAUGHTER that results in death is extremely uncommon, but it does happen.

The occurrence has been documented numerous times throughout history, stretching as far back as Ancient Greece and as late as a few decades ago. Although it may seem strange, most deaths are caused by heart arrest or asphyxiation triggered by fits of laughter.

One of the earliest documented examples occurred in Ancient Greece in the 3rd Century BC, when Greek philosopher Chrysippus died as a result of a laughing fit.

He allegedly fed his donkey wine, which caused it to become so inebriated that he burst out laughing – until he died.

Wesley Parsons, an Indiana farmer, was socializing with friends in 1893 when he burst out laughing uncontrollably.

He died two hours after the chuckles turned into hiccups that lasted an hour.

Alex Mitchell of Norfolk was watching an episode of The Goodies when he started laughing and died of heart failure a few decades ago – though it is now thought that Mr Mitchell died of a pre-existing disease.

To be clear, you do not die from laughing, but rather from something else that is caused by it.

An asthma attack is one of the leading causes of death from laughing, with some cases being started by laughter, which can make it difficult to breathe.

Too much laughter can also produce raptured brain aneurysms, which are caused by increased pressure in the skull cavity, which can prevent oxygen from reaching the brain, resulting in a coma or death.

Too much laughter can also cause asphyxiation or suffocation, which causes someone to stop breathing due to a lack of oxygen in their body.

Gelastic seizures are distinct in that they begin in the hypothalamus and are associated with excessive laughing and giggling while sleeping.

“I’d say it’s quite unusual that someone would truly die of laughter nowadays, it’s very rare,” Dr. Kaushal, a General Practitioner at Priory Medical Centre in Liverpool, stated. Unless they choked on anything they had in their mouth at the time!”

“It’s just not something you come across as a medical professional, at least not in my experience.” Perhaps because it’s so uncommon, and unlike.”Brinkwire Summary News,” we can instantly detect anything like an asthma attack or a heart attack.”


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