Is it possible that Matt Amodio lost on purpose?


Is it possible that Matt Amodio lost on purpose?

The winning streak of MATT Amodio on Jeopardy! has come to an end.

After a run of 38 wins in a row, his streak came to an end, but not before he set a show record.

Matt’s game was concluded on October 11, 2021, when he fell behind in the second round and finished in last place with $10,600 in Final Jeopardy!

Jessica Stephens, a fellow contestant, was in second place with $14,400, followed by Jonathan Fisher, who had $14,600.

Matt’s Poland entry cost him $5,000, bringing his total to $5,600. Jessica was awarded $28,799 for properly answering Austria.

Jonathan also knew the answer, and his all-in gamble netted him $29,200, putting him in first place for the day.

Fans were somewhat aback by Matt’s lack of knowledge of the Final Jeopardy answer, and some even accused him of cheating.

“There’s no way Matt didn’t know that final Jeopardy question,” one person wrote on Twitter. He made the decision to end his streak.” “@Amodio,” said another. This game was completely thrown by Matt. I’m sorry to see him go! Not to detract from the new champion, but Matt was not all in today.” “I’m shocked that Matt Amodio didn’t get the correct Final Jeopardy answer,” one fan wrote. Even I recognized it as ‘Austria!’ There’s no evidence that Matt lost Jeopardy! on purpose; his winning streak just ran out.

“I always wanted to be a ‘Jeopardy!’ champion, and I accomplished that,” he stated in a statement following the event.

“I know that coming into every bar trivia game that I play, I’m going to be a bit intimidated.”

“But I also like the symbolism of the emblem.” This is a great one to carry with me everywhere I go because I value information and learning new things.” Matt’s 38-game winning streak and $1,518,601 in prize money have cemented his spot in the Jeopardy! Hall of Fame.


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