Is it necessary to pay to watch Season 5 of SEAL Team?


SEAL TEAM season five will finally arrive later this week on October 10. But will fans have to pay for the season now it has a new home?

SEAL Team fans have been enjoying the series on CBS since 2017. Each new season has been bigger than the last, and season five looks to be the most explosive and emotionally impactful one yet. However, following a recent announcement, some fans are concerned they will have to pay to see the show.

For fans concerned about the future of SEAL Team, they can rest assured season five will still premiere on CBS.

However, only the first four episodes will be available on the channel, with CBS confirming the show’s move earlier this year.

After the release of the fourth episode, the rest of the season will be exclusive to Paramount Plus.

This is CBS’s streaming service, with the broadcaster moving their popular series over to it in a bid to gain new subscribers.

For viewers that are new to the streaming platform, it does come with a few options to allow more flexibility for subscribers.

However, whatever the option, fans will now have to pay for the service to catch the rest of season five and beyond.

The basic package of Paramount Plus costs $5 per month, which is the essential plan that contains limited commercials.

There is also the premium package which removes commercials entirely, but this will set subscribers back $10 per month.

Additionally, anyone new to the service will be able to access a seven-day free trial to showcase the platform.

Once these seven days come to an end, the first charge will be made depending on the package option subscribers have chosen.

While season six of SEAL Team has not been confirmed, any future seasons will almost definitely be Paramount Plus exclusive and will not feature on CBS at all.

There is some good news for fans though, as the move to streaming is bringing with it some big changes to the show.

CBS is keeping the specifics of season five under wraps, but Jason Hayes star David Boreanaz has revealed some of the changes coming for the fifth season.

Speaking to TV Insider earlier this year, the star teased fans with longer episodes and “darker” storylines.

“The biggest difference is that obviously in the streaming world,” Boreanaz explained. “There are no commercials,. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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