Is ‘I Am Jazz’ Star Jazz Jennings a Harvard University Student?


Is ‘I Am Jazz’ Star Jazz Jennings a Harvard University Student?

I Am Jazz viewers have seen how trans activist Jazz Jennings and her family deal with her transition over the previous six seasons.

The TLC reality show first aired in 2015, when Jazz was 14 years old and getting ready to start high school.

Fans have watched Jazz, who after her 2020 interview with Barabara Walters became the youngest trans child on television, deal with school, sports, dating, and her health as she progressed through her transition.

Viewers saw the high school senior preparing for college last season.

Harvard University and Pomona College both accepted Jazz.

Her parents did not want her to travel all the way to California and stated that they preferred to see her at Harvard.

Jazz eventually decided to attend Harvard, but she postponed her start date until the last minute.

I Am Jazz’s seventh season will premiere in November.

Fans will be able to see what Jazz has been up to since December 30th.

“I’m so excited to let you know that I Am Jazz Season 7 will be airing on Nov.

30 on TLC My family and I are looking forward to continuing to share our story with you.”

Fans have been wondering if Jazz is still enrolled at Harvard; here’s what we know so far.

Jazz announced in October 2019 that she was not ready for college and that she would be taking a year off in a heartfelt message.

“I wanted to share some news,” she said on Instagram.

I’ve decided to take a break before starting at Harvard after much thought.

It wasn’t an easy choice, but it’s the best one I could make.

I realized I could use some time to refocus and recenter to be the strongest version of myself because the last few years have been so full and busy.”

“I am so grateful for my parents’ and Harvard’s support in making this decision, and I am looking forward to focusing on some self-care and getting ready to begin this exciting next chapter in my life,” she continued. Jazz took some time to do some soul searching and work…

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