Is “Goth Target” Worth the Hype? – TikTok Users Have Mixed Feelings About It.


If you’re constantly scrolling through your Discover page on TikTok (honestly, who isn’t these days?), you’ve probably come across the “goth Target.” With more than 6 million views, users cannot get enough of #GothTarget.

What makes this Target different? Keep reading to find out! And don’t worry, thick eyeliner and black attire are not required for entry.

Don’t get too excited, “goth Target” is not about to replace your Hot Topic needs. In fact, this Chicago-based Target looks exactly like the other ones, except for a few features.

This Target is dubbed “goth” due to its black exterior. The Target is located in Chi Town’s Carson Pirie Scott & Co. building, which was completed in 1899.

Not only did the department store retain the building’s exterior, but inside this Target, customers will find that the columns and entryway feature intricate architectural designs and embellishments.

Aside from the fancy columns, this Target’s second floor details the history of the department store building.

“Inside, it’s basically like a normal Target, but there are some fun goth elements like the columns and the entryway,” one person detailed in her TikTok video of the Chicago-based store.

“I am so glad that they kept that architecture. There is nothing more heartbreaking and painful than people and companies buying beautifully designed homes and buildings like this and then gutting out all of the moldings and carvings to modernize the design,” another user commented on the TikTok video.

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This Target-lover commented, “That’s the most beautiful Target I’ve seen! They need to make them all like this now, please.” Another posted, “If they don’t go full Halloween this year, I will be so disappointed.”

However, not everyone is a fan of “goth Target.”

“This opened in Chicago in 2013 and isn’t even a good Target. It’s ‘city Target’ so it’s very limited and small in terms of its selection,” commented another individual.

According to this person, Target is legally not allowed to change the exterior of the building because “it’s a protected landmark. That’s why the Target symbol is inside the building.”

One Chicago resident shared a video about goth Target and claimed that this store on State Street was overpriced, “Everything in there’s like $5 more expensive than every other f–king Target in the city.”

Another native shared her thoughts on people becoming… Brinkwire short summary.


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