Is Emma and Bennett still together in Sexy Beasts?


Is Emma and Bennett still together in Sexy Beasts?

SEXY BEASTS recently debuted on Netflix and has already made an impression on viewers. Emma and Bennett were one of the show’s most popular couples, but are they still together?

The candidates’ identities are masked – literally – on Sexy Beasts, a dating program unlike any other. Singletons don masks and portray themselves as strange and quirky monsters in the Netflix show. Emma and Bennett hit it off despite the weird glances, but are they still together after the show?

During Sexy Beasts, the majority of the singles paired up, with a few of them leaving the series together.

Because the show didn’t include a “where are they now” part, the fates of many of the relationships have remained unknown.

However, information about the participants’ current activities have emerged, and some of the situations are shocking.

Emma and Bennett, also known as Demon and Mandrill, were a fan favorite duo who struck it off right on during the show.

They appeared to be planning to keep their connection going long after the masks were off, with both of them eager to see each other again.

Unfortunately, the two singles appear to be just that, as they aren’t following each other on Instagram after the concert.

However, nothing has been confirmed, and neither Emma nor Bennett have commented on their love lives since the broadcast aired.

On July 21, Emma did post a photo of herself in Demon make-up, praising the Netflix staff for her participation on the episode.

“So thankful for this great experience!” the caption read. Thank you to the wonderful @netflix team, to my super talented makeup artists @marina_altomare @malwina_suwinska for transforming me into #EmmatheDemon!”

One fan took to the comments to ask the question on everybody’s minds: “Obsessed!! we need a Bennett update.”

Another fan replied: “She’s not white him anymore they aren’t following each other and she did not tag him on this post but she indeed tagged Archie and they are following each other so maybe the two of them are dating…”

Archie was the Stone Man on the series and despite the fan’s speculation, there is no word from Emma or him on them being anything other than friends.

Sexy Beasts will be back for a second season, with development on season two already well. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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