Is Corey and Evelin Still Together in 2021 on ’90 Day Fiancé’?


90 Day Fiancécouple Evelin and Corey have been going through major complications in their relationship.

At one point the two went on a break, and Corey Rathgeber started seeing another woman in Peru. When he came back, he downplayed the nature of their relationship to Evelin Villegas. When he eventually came clean, Villegas explained that she felt betrayed and that she didn’t know who Corey was anymore.

All of this has left fans wondering — are Corey and Evelin still together in 2021?

Corey had a relationship with another woman

Evelin Villegas and Corey Rathgeber took a break from one another, with Corey thinking that he’d been broken up with and that he was free to pursue other women.

The 90 Day Fiancé star headed to Peru, and struck up a relationship with a woman named Jenny.

When he came back to Engabao and Evelin, he told her that it was a four day fling — nothing serious — and that they hadn’t even had sex. He later revealed to Raul that the relationship was a lot more serious than he’d let on. When he eventually told Evelin, she was livid.

“Like, imagine if I went and got all the d***s around, and went like, ‘Oh, I was so sad and depressed, Corey.

This was the cure.’ F*** you. Like, never,” Evelin told Corey.

“I know that you being in South America and being a white and blue eyes, you think the women are gonna want you and love you all the time. Like, who the f*** do you think you are? Like, some kind of Brad Pitt [sic]?” she asked.


“I was just dating somebody when you decided to break up with me, Evelin.

That was it. You literally told me it’s OK for us to see other people. You said that. You wanted me to leave the country,” Corey Rathgeber said in his defense.

Evelin went on to tell Corey that he is “not the man I met many, many years ago” and that there’s “no more wedding.”

Are Corey and Evelin still together in 2021?

90 Day Fiancé fans have been getting mixed signals from Corey and Evelin on social media. It’s hard to tell whether or not Corey and Evelin are still together in 2021, but there are some signs they could be.

Notably, Evelin Villegas shared a series of photos on Instagram of Corey Rathgeber for his birthday 3… Brinkwire Entertainment short news.


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