Is Clarkson’s Farm coming back in 2021? Season 2 filming has begun, according to Jeremy Clarkson.


Is Clarkson’s Farm coming back in 2021? Season 2 filming has begun, according to Jeremy Clarkson.

CLARKSON’S FARM was a fan favorite when it premiered on Amazon Prime Video, and Jeremy Clarkson has provided an update on season two. But when will the show be back on the air? This webpage has all of the information you require.

The documentary series Clarkson’s Farm premiered on Amazon Prime Video in June, and it followed Jeremy Clarkson, 61, at his house in the Cotswolds. The show will return for a second season just weeks after the episodes were made available to stream, and The Grand Tour host would be reconnecting with his co-star, Kaleb Cooper, 21. With fans eagerly anticipating the return of the series, may the next installment air later this year?

The show was a great hit for Amazon Prime Video in the United Kingdom, becoming the streaming service’s most-watched show to date.

Following the announcement of season two, Jeremy took to social media to inform his followers that fresh episodes were already in the works.

“Visited Diddly Squat Farm yesterday, it was a wonderful treat watching you, Kaleb, and Gerald [Cooper] harvesting!” one admirer said.

“What a lovely afternoon in such a lovely part of the country. Were you filming for season two? I noticed a drone and items fastened to your tractor windows (cameras?) – were you filming for season two?”

The show’s lead actor replied, “We certainly were,” but it wasn’t long before he shattered hopes that the episodes would premiere this year.

“Well, we film for a year because that’s how farming works,” Jeremy commented in response to a question about when season two would be ready to view.

“It took six months to finish the editing. Then it has to be translated into every single language on the planet,” he went on to say.

With this in mind, fresh episodes are unlikely to air in 2021, with season two arriving on Amazon Prime Video no later than 2022.

The scenes needed to make up the following instalments will be completed next summer, as filming is already started.

We were definitely [filming new episodes].

Clarkson, Jeremy

When Kaleb, a young farmer, shared an image of a shattered fence on his social media channels in July, he indicated that filming had began earlier this summer.

“It was all going so well until someone decided they didn’t like the gate any longer – wonder who that was Jeremy Clarkson,” wrote Jeremy’s co-star.

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