Is Aespa currently the most popular K-pop band? In its second week, ‘Savage’ creates chart history.


Is Aespa currently the most popular K-pop band? In its second week, ‘Savage’ creates chart history.

Is Aespa the most popular K-pop group right now? ‘Savage’ makes chart history in its second week.

Aespa continues to rule the K-pop charts, making MelOn history in the last ten years.

Aespa continues to rule the K-pop industry, proving that the moniker “monster rookies” is well-deserved. They’ve already had a good run with their previous single, ‘Next Level.’ However, despite competing against more experienced musicians, their most recent comeback has broken both personal and commercial records. The girl group debuted in 2020 and released their first mini-album, ‘Savage,’ on October 5, 2021. In fact, when ‘Savage’ became the first girl group single to accomplish a complete all-kill on the music charts in the year 2021, they startled the globe.

They don’t appear to want to let go of this particular achievement. Aespa has finished their second week of all-kill on October 12th, according to reports. When a song tops all of South Korea’s major music charts, it is known as an all-kill. On MelOn, FLO, Genie, and Bugs, the song “Savage” is the most popular. Fans are looking for a perfect all-kill, as well as the number one spot on Naver’s Vibe list. The song is presently ranked #2 on Vibe.

The music video for ‘Savage,’ which features aespa Perfect All-Kill, has topped 30 million views in just 24 hours, according to news from the Brinkwire.

‘Savage’ preserves aespa’s distinctive trap sounds while also giving members a sensual look.

Aespa continues to sweep the charts with ‘Savage.’

Aespa has a MelOn profile as well. ‘Savage’ has been the fastest song to surpass 1 million unique listeners on the South Korean music streaming platform. This milestone was reached in six days, compared to 12 days for ‘Next Level.’ The female group has topped MelOn’s Daily Girl Group list for the ninth day in a row. Thanks to this song, Aespa is now the only fourth-generation musician to have a song on MelOn’s daily chart.

Aespa is also the first girl group to have two singles on MelOn’s daily chart in this decade, with ‘Next Level’ and ‘Savage.’ They’re also the only band with two songs at the top of the charts in 2021. After BTS, they are the second group to have several singles at the top of the charts this decade. ‘Savage’ has had 400K pre-orders and 257K sales to date. It also topped the Hanteo Weekly Chart and Gaon’s Weekly Retail Album Chart this week.

The appearances of Aespa in variety shows

SM appears to be going all out for their girl group in their comeback. Aespa was also cast in the JTBC’s popular variety show “Knowing Brothers.” This will be their first and only appearance on the show. They’re going to be like that. In a Nutshell: Brinkwire News


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