Interview with We Are Scientists: Indie icons discuss cocktails, life hacks, and their new album Huffy.


We Are Scientists are at their vibrant best on turbo-charged seventh album Huffy – the follow-up to 2018’s Megaplex. Brinkwire’s Rory McKeown caught up with Keith Murray and Chris Cain to talk about its creation, cocktails, life hacks and England

Colourful cocktails, wild video critiques, and shovel loads of guitar pop bangers – it can only be a new We Are Scientists record.

Indie legends Keith Murray and Chris Cain have returned with their seventh LP Huffy – a storming 10-track collection of blistering feel good cuts.

From the lockdown hit of I Cut My Own Hair and the foot-stomping freak out of opener You’ve Lot Your S*** to the electro-country of Bought Myself A Grave, Huffy doesn’t let up, guiding us through a kaleidoscopic collection of tracks from heroes at the top of their game.

Keith and Chris, who exploded onto the scene in 2005 with their hit-happy major label debut With Love and Squalor, had Huffy’s tracks penned before Covid-enforced lockdown – with the newfound time providing the opportunity to tweak and rethink tracks.

“We weren’t in the position where we were forced to be writing in that weird claustrophobic world view that I think could have produced some different, less exuberant record than we put out”, Keith told Brinkwire. “I think it’s good that when we wrote it we were writing it excitedly and thinking about playing it out at shows and festivals.”

The vibrancy of Huffy is perfectly complimented by the band’s own colour-coded cocktails representing each track (recipes and “how to” methods are available via their social media channels). Whether it’s the refreshing Keylime Yum or the sun-kissed Lemon Beach Sunshine, you can channel your inner Tom Cruise in Cocktail and immerse yourselves in Huffy’s feel-good vibes at the same time.

We Are Scientists are renowned for their must-watch music videos, and the clips accompanying Huffy’s singles are no different.

Perhaps the stand out is Handshake Agreement and the introduction of “YouTube music critic” Beef Harmon£y.

“He’s one of these YouTube, influencer goofballs who don’t seem to have any particular skillset other than being able to sit in front of a camera and spout off”, Chris explains.

Keith added: “Getting any sort of reaction from Beef Harmon£y these days should be a mark of success. He’s seen it all. To get him out of his chair in his mom’s house is a pretty big deal.”

Brinkwire’s Rory McKeown caught up with Keith and Chris. Brinkwire presents summary news.


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