Insulate Britain alert: Activists report that further blockades are on the way.


Insulate Britain alert: Activists report that further blockades are on the way.

INSULATE Despite motorists’ outrage at the campaigners, Britain’s spokesman Craig Scudder said that climate protestors will attempt to block major roads once more.

“We’re carrying on,” the Insulate Britain official said, indicating that climate protestors would attempt to block major roads once more. Insulate Britain protests on Monday resulted in the blocking of roadways at Hanger Lane, Wandsworth Bridge, and Arnos Grove, according to the Metropolitan Police. Insulate Britain activists raced in front of traffic to block automobiles, therefore the Blackwall Tunnel is also closed.

“Are you going to continue?” the anchor of GB News asked Insulate Britain representative Craig.

I mean, are we going to have more protests and disruption today?

“It’s a Monday morning,” says the narrator. It’s generally at this time that we hear that the activists are on the highway.” “Yes, we’re continuing,” Craig Scudder answered.

“Today there will be some disturbance, and I apologize for that.

“But we’re going to keep going until the government makes a clear statement about how they’re going to deal with this.”

“As I said, we’re creating employment, preventing deaths, and lifting people out of fuel poverty.”

“It’s a win-win-win situation.”

“It’s also the most cost-effective manner of completing all of our assignments.””

Insulate Britain protesters felt they had “no choice but to conduct this action,” he subsequently told Sky News.

“I wasn’t forced here by government inaction,” he claimed. We’ve devised a comprehensive strategy for them to achieve their own legally enforceable goal of net-zero energy by 2050.

“It is the most cost-effective approach for them to reduce carbon emissions by 15%.”

“It will prevent 95 individuals from dying every day as a result of fuel poverty.”

From 8 a.m., a number of activists sat down on the northbound A102 and glued themselves to the tunnel.

Angry cars were seen dragging these protestors out of the road in footage uploaded on social media.

“Just drive through them!” exclaimed one of them.


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