Inside the’magnificent’ residence of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and her ‘lovely family.’


Inside the’magnificent’ residence of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and her ‘lovely family.’

VICTORIA, THE CROWN PRINCESS OF SWEDEN lives at Haga Palace in Solna, Sweden, which is part of Haga Park.

It was constructed in 1802 for King Gustav IV Adolf’s children, and each of his children was given an apartment within the palace. On the entrance side, it features a simple classical design with a balcony supported by four marble columns. It is embellished on the inside with mirrors, carved door frames, and cornices.

Following World War I, Haga was utilized as a shelter for homeless orphans.

Renovations began in 1932, just in time for Prince Gustaf Adolf and Princess Sibylla to move home.

The restoration includes the installation of multiple fireplaces on the second story, as well as the installation of bathrooms and kitchen remodeling.

Mirrors, door frames, and cornices were not removed or altered from their original locations.

King Gustaf V gave his great-grandchildren a playhouse, which is still on the grounds and used by Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar, the Crown Princess Victoria’s two children.

In 1966, King Gustaf VI Adolf granted the Swedish government permission to use the palace for foreign guests after a period of inactivity.

In 2009, the government returned Haga to the King for Crown Princess Victoria and her new husband, Prince Daniel, to dwell in.

Princess Madeleine, Victoria’s younger sister, is said to have assisted with the interior design.

Victoria and Daniel moved into the house in 2010, after it had undergone major renovations to improve security and bring it up to date.

The first and second levels house their private quarters, which include 25 rooms.

A five-room suite runs along the front of the 16-room main apartment.

“There is a main chamber in the center, a living room to the north, and a library and a dining room to the south,” the Royal Court said.

It is not accessible to the general population.

Since 2010, it has been unlawful to take photographs on the palace grounds without prior authorization because it is a protected site in Sweden.

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden released a set of family images taken in the grounds of their Stockholm royal residence, Haga Palace, in May 2021.

The Swedish princess cuddled up to her husband, Prince Daniel, and their two children, Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar, in the first shot, offering admirers a new glance inside their wonderful garden.

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