Inside the Queen’s summer residence, Balmoral, as she prepares to leave for her vacation.


Inside the Queen’s summer residence, Balmoral, as she prepares to leave for her vacation.

THE QUEEN spends her annual summer vacations in Scotland’s Balmoral Castle, and flew there from Windsor on Friday.

In her working year, the Queen takes two main vacations: Christmas at Sandringham and summer at Balmoral.

Fishing, shooting, and the annual Ghillies Ball are just a few of the leisure activities that take place at Balmoral.

Since Queen Victoria’s reign, the Ghillies Ball has been held every year except 2020.

The event takes place in the Castle Ballroom, the castle’s largest room.

Landseer and Carl Haag’s artwork, as well as Sir Joseph Edgar Boehm’s statues, are on show.

The ballroom is being used by the Royal Family today, and there is a museum of antiques from the palace.

The original wooden floor is beneath the carpet, and it has never been replaced with the same material.

The current castle was completed in 1855, and the landscape was designed by Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert.

The prince was helped by Aberdeen architect William Smith, and the castle swiftly became the Royal Family’s Scottish home.

The Ballroom Exhibition is the sole one-of-a-kind exhibit in the Castle.

The Queen’s private chambers comprise the majority of the other rooms in the Castle, and they are not open to the public.

An original Phateon Carriage, which was originally from the estate and would have been used to transport ghillies, guests, and The Royal Family, can be found in the Portcullious.

The gardens were originally designed by Prince Albert, but they have been developed and enhanced by the contemporary Royal Family since the Victorian era.

Between 1923 and 1925, Queen Mary, George V’s wife, erected a semi-circular wall of rocks to guard a fountain.

This is why the garden’s gates bear the monograms GR and MR, which pay respect to the time period’s King and Queen.

The grounds were expanded by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, to include a huge kitchen garden. When the Queen visits Balmoral for her yearly summer vacation, this vegetable garden is harvested between August and October.

The formal gardens are enormous, spanning three acres.

They have a number of Victorian glasshouses as well as a conservatory with a variety of flowerpots.

In recent years, a water garden has been installed adjacent to the main garden, nestled among the trees between Garden Cottage and the West Drive.

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