Inside the Manchester home of Coronation Street star Gareth Pierce, which he shares with his family.


Inside the Manchester home of Coronation Street star Gareth Pierce, which he shares with his family.

GARETH PIERCE is best known for his role as Todd Grimshaw on the ITV serial Coronation Street. He can be found chilling at his family’s home when he’s not on the cobbles. So, how does it appear on the inside?

Gareth Pierce, a 40-year-old Welsh actor, has performed in a number of TV and radio productions throughout the years. He is best known for his roles as Gavin Moss in BBC Radio 4’s The Archers and Todd Grimshaw in Coronation Street most recently. Gareth married Amy Lee Pierce in April 2014, according to reports.

The couple is said to live in Manchester with their five-year-old kid.

On Instagram, Gareth frequently posts photos of his family and their lovely home.

So, how does his house look? Take a peek at this webpage.

Gareth’s sitting area was exposed in further detail in a photo taken during lockdown in January of this year.

He and his daughter are seen in the photo working out to a Joe Wicks video.

The walls are navy blue with white paneling around the bottom third of the wall.

Several framed images stand above the TV, which is situated on a pine sideboard with a 70s vibe.

A spherical mirror sits in the center, surrounded by framed images of butterflies and flowers.

On the right side of the TV, there is a globe, and on the other side, there are dried flowers.

Gareth has two sofas in his living room, one pale blue and the other grey.

To finish their training, the two have placed two yoga mats on the floor.

More of the room can be seen in a photo shot in December 2020, which includes green and blue Orla Kiely-patterned curtains.

Except for the wallpaper and bedside lamp, Gareth hasn’t shown much about his room.

Gareth uploaded a photo on Instagram in December 2020 with the remark “New heavy metal bedside lamp.”

Teal wallpaper with gold Beatles, moths, flowers, and other insects adorns the wall of the bedroom.

A hook on the wall in the shape of a hand making a heavy metal two-finger signal is included with the “heavy metal bedside lamp.”

A cable is coiled around the hook, and a light hangs from it.

Gareth uploaded a snapshot of himself filming The Archers from his coat closet in August 2020.

The coat closet includes white tiles, a white door, and a slew of coat hooks.

During the lockdown, however, Gareth had managed to build up a full-fledged sound studio. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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