Inside the home of Charlie de Melo, who lives with his gorgeous dogs on Coronation Street.


Inside the home of Charlie de Melo, who lives with his gorgeous dogs on Coronation Street.

CHARLIE DE MELO is best recognized for her role as Imran Habeeb in the ITV series Coronation Street. Charlie can often be found at home with his dogs, away from the camera. So, how does his house look?

Charlie, played by Imran Habeeb, has been a regular on the ITV serial since 2017. Doctors, Casualty, The Interceptors, and EastEnders are among his other television credits. He did, however, appear in two short films, Innocence and Rewind, according to reports.

Away from the cobblestones, Charlie may be seen relaxing at home with his two golden retrievers, Toni and Sarah, who have litters of puppies on a regular basis.

What does Charlie’s house look like on the inside? It appears to be both homey and sophisticated. This website investigates.

Charlie frequently shares images of his golden retrievers, which are known for having litters of puppies.

Toni, his golden retriever, lies on the sofa in a shot taken in early May, while Sarah, her daughter from a previous litter, sits by her side holding a triceratops soft toy.

The living room’s couch is a grey two-seater with a blue throw on it.

The dark teak floor planks are topped with a cream shaggy rug, giving the area a warm vibe.

With a modest fireplace and wood burner in the center of the chimney breast, the house appears to have some period features.

A large framed painting hangs above the fireplace and the walls are painted a pastel blue color.

To the right of the sofa is a wooden bookcase and a floor light.

On January 1, another photo of the living room was taken, this time with a more festive atmosphere.

On the other side of the room, there’s another cream soda and a slew of framed family portraits on the walls.

In the bay window, there is a Christmas tree with numerous decorations.

The windows are draped with green and ivory shades.

A beechwood TV stand and small flat screen TV with powerful speakers are located to the right of the window.

On Charlie’s Instagram account, some of the cutest photographs are of him cradling golden retriever puppies.

Charlie looks to be in his kitchen with the puppies in a few of the photographs.

Pale blue cabinets and a navy blue AGA are featured in the country-style kitchen.

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