Inside the crazy lifestyle of a model who is ‘paid to party’ with wealthy guys who lavish her with Champagne.


Inside the crazy lifestyle of a model who is ‘paid to party’ with wealthy guys who lavish her with Champagne.

EXCLUSIVE: Erica North, a 24-year-old influencer and environment model, is hired to party by wealthy clientele. She’s been lavished with Champagne and pampered in five-star hotel suites. A lady has explained what it’s like to be compensated for being attractive at a party.

When Erica North, 24, was a student, she was scouted to work as an atmosphere model, which means her job is to make a group of individuals look more appealing while ensuring clients have a good time.

Corporate events and private gatherings have hired her to assist portray a certain image for clients.

Erica is constantly challenged to come up with creative and interesting ways to keep the party going and the clients entertained.

She’s been showered with Champagne, doused in cash, and even hosted her own bikini parties in hotel rooms throughout the years.

She once suggested that a client’s party return to his suite and start their own strip club, complete with revealing clothing.

“He handed me (dollar)200 (£149) right there on the spot for the concept, which was nuts enough, but it was sort of boring during the after-party afterwards,” she told the Brinkwire.

The 24-year-old didn’t stop there, advising the same client to spray her with champagne and toss (dollar)100 bills at her.

“I was dancing in a bikini on a table in a Wynn Tower Suites suite, and I told the client, ‘I want to dance to some disco music,’ and we went to your suite.’ So we walked down the hall to his place and just jammed to some 70s disco, and I was dancing on the table when inspiration struck.

“I looked at him and then at the bar and asked, ‘Do you want to spray me in Champagne and stick (dollar)100 bills to me and whatever sticks I get to keep?’ So we went to the shower, and I was in my bikini, and he grabbed a bottle of Veuve and sprayed it on me, then strewn (dollar)100 bills all over me.” When Erica attempted to return the bills to the client, he permitted her to keep them because he was having so much fun.

Erica cleaned off and returned to the after-party once the fun was ended.

“I left the hotel that day and sat on the grounds of the tower,” she continued. The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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