Inside Prince Philip’s incredible office – which royals have left untouched.


Inside Prince Philip’s incredible office – which royals have left untouched.

PRINCE PHILIP’S OFFICE has been preserved precisely as he left it, as revealed by a BBC memorial show starring the Royal Family.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s study is now exactly as he left it, with a neat desk and lovely photos from his wedding. The Duke of Edinburgh’s study, as well as his library and private secretary’s office, will be broadcast on BBC One on Wednesday night, providing insight into his unique life as the world’s longest-serving consort. Philip’s desk appears to be fairly functional, with only a few emotional photographs commemorating his marriage on display.

One photograph depicts King George VI and the Queen Mother, which was sent to the Queen’s parents as a wedding present in 1947.

On the windowsill is a lovely bronze statue of the Queen on a horse at Trooping the Colour.

A painting in the Pine Room, Philip’s private secretary’s office, depicts him in a carriage driving marathon.

Alexandra McCreery, Philip’s archivist, is featured in the BBC documentary, pointing out all of the office basics that Philip kept “quite near to hand.”

“It’s a very functional room,” Alexandra added. He lacked the adornments. It was simply a really effective method of operating. He just cracked on.”

“I just have recollections of him receiving a new laptop or a new printer, sitting in his office and hearing him shouting at it,” Peter Phillips, Philip’s eldest grandson, said.

“Either he couldn’t get it printed or he couldn’t get this… I mean he loved technology, he loved gadgets, but it was always quite entertaining to see him trying to figure them all out.”

Zara Tindall said: “We’d always try and find him new gadgets for presents.”

She went on to say her grandfather would often examine them before saying: “Well, that’s just bloody stupid!”

Princess Eugenie, who managed to introduce her son August Brooksbank to her grandfather a few days before he died in April, revealed he had painted a picture of her painting a bunch of flowers as a surprise wedding gift.

The Duke of Cambridge recalled his grandfather’s favourite prank of asking a grandchild to hold a squeezable tube of mustard with the lid off.

Prince William said: “And then he’d squish your hands together to fire the mustard onto the ceiling.

“He used.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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