Inside Kate and William’s beautiful 20-room apartment in Kensington Palace, London


Inside Kate and William’s beautiful 20-room apartment in Kensington Palace, London

Kate Middleton, Prince William, and their three children live at Kensington Palace. Although it is located in the center of London, how does it appear on the inside?

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is home to Kensington Palace, which is located in Kensington Gardens. It is at a short distance from Hyde Park and other royal homes such as Buckingham Palace. How does it appear on the inside?

In 1689, King William and Queen Mary purchased the royal residence and chose Kensington Palace as their rural retreat.

Various kings have modified it over time into the magnificent property it is today.

The palace and gardens were designed by Queen Caroline, who also spent her childhood there.

Princess Diana, Princess Margaret, and The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have all lived there.

It is where Kate and William, as well as their three children, call home.

They dwell in apartment 1A, which is supposed to have 20 rooms spread across four floors.

Inside the house, photos show rich carpets and enormous, delicately carved ceilings.

A contemporary chest of drawers and a chestnut desk can be seen in photos of Prince William’s home office.

A big fireplace with a mirror above it also graces the space.

Kate’s workplace, on the other hand, contains a large oak desk, a striped chair, and heaps of books.

When they entertained Michelle and Barack Obama in 2016, the Duke and Duchess gave a peep into their London residence.

In their home’s drawing room, the couple hosted the former US president.

The space is decorated in a basic cream and gold color scheme with various lamps strewn about.

There is beautiful furniture around the area, including many armchairs.

The cream sofa has been given a personal touch with artificial flowers and floral cushions.

Traditional artwork is put in gold frames on the walls, along with beautiful ornaments and candles.

Another shot from the room showed baby Prince George sitting on a rocking horse that Barack Obama had purchased for the monarch.

The photo revealed a room with huge windows and embroidered floor-length curtains.

The room had a neutral-toned carpet throughout, as well as window seats with little cushions.

There are also beautiful gardens at the royal residence.

It is one of eight royal parks in the United Kingdom, and it encompasses a large area.


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