Inside Emmerdale’s Marlon lovely home in Yorkshire, as seen by Mark Charnock.


Inside Emmerdale’s Marlon lovely home in Yorkshire, as seen by Mark Charnock.

MARK CHARNOCK is a well-known British actor who played Marlon Dingle in Emmerdale. With his dog Freddie, the actor lives in a gorgeous country estate.

Since 1996, Emmerdale’s Mark Charnock has played Marlon in the ITV series. The actor frequently posts photos of his cozy home in Yorkshire, as well as his gardening abilities.

Mark Charnock, 52, is constantly updating his fans on social media, particularly on Instagram, where he frequently posts photos of his gorgeous home.

With his dog Freddie, the actor resides in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

Fans could see a huge living room with olive green walls and a wooden framed mirror in a photo he published when he adorned his warm house for the Christmas festivities.

While spending time with his dog Freddie, Mark has also shared several photos of his kitchen.

Stone slab floors and oak worktops adorn the actor’s kitchen.

During the lockdown, the Emmerdale star tweeted photos of himself making his own bed, indicating that he enjoys cooking.

His kitchen cabinets and walls are painted in a milk color scheme.

The nicest aspect of Mark’s house, however, is his garden.

The actor has shared photos of his lovely backyard as well as his vegetable patch, which he appears to be very proud of. “My small gang, doing their thing,” the caption read.

Many people admired the star’s gardening talents, which he enthusiastically responded to.

He said that he had been yelling at the vegetables in an attempt to push them to grow quicker.

He just posted a photo of some courgettes he had just plucked from his garden. The caption read, “Cheeky chunk of #produce selected for tonight’s tea.”

Mark Charnock (@markcharnock) shared a post.

Mark Charnock (@markcharnock) shared a post.

“5 nasty lads (that are definitely too close together, but what can you do?),” he explained in a prior photo. #Courgettes #dontletmedownasyoudidlastyear”

“They seem wonderful and healthy,” one fan said, while another added, “I hope you really like courgettes, because you’ll be getting quite a harvest!”

He demonstrated how to raise red runners beans in another post. “The runners are approaching. Because it represents the promise of all the vegetables to come, crimson is my favorite color in nature. He used the hashtag #RunnerBeans.

“Brinkwire Summary News,” one fan wrote.


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