Inside Aaron Dingle star Danny Miller’s family home, which he shares with fiancée Steph.


Inside Aaron Dingle star Danny Miller’s family home, which he shares with fiancée Steph.

DANNY MILLER, 30, is best known for his role as the cheeky Aaron Dingle on the ITV serial Emmerdale. Danny lives with Steph, his fiancée, and their two cavapoos. So, how does it appear on the inside?

Danny Miller is best known for his role as Aaron Dingle in ITV’s Emmerdale. Danny can often be found at home with his long-term partner Steph, whom he proposed to back in January, when he is not on set portraying Aaron. Ginni and Kenny, the couple’s pet cavapoos, live with them.

Danny’s 444,000 Instagram followers are frequently treated to photographs of his daily life.

So, how does Danny and Steph’s home appear? Take a peek at this webpage.

Danny’s most recent Instagram video, recorded five weeks ago, shows him talking to his two dogs in the garden.

Artificial grass, beige fencing, and exposed brick walls adorn the couple’s tidy garden.

From the white patio doors, you can see charcoal grey outdoor furniture to the left of the garden.

A little patio is located just outside the backdoor, and the yard is lined with a variety of wall lights.

Danny and Steph, a midwife, are also expecting their first child in the coming months.

Danny’s Instagram account recently included a “First Time Mum and Dad Q&A.”

After getting several love messages from fans, the pair stated that they were “overwhelmed.”

Steph is dressed in her blue midwife outfit in the video, while Danny is dressed in a lilac t-shirt.

Danny and Steph appear to be seated in their living room, behind a wooden mirror, on a pale grey sofa.

The walls appear to be covered in wallpaper that mimics the appearance of exposed wooden beams.

More about the living area may be seen in another photo from Danny’s Twitter account.

The room features a beautiful carpet, a soft grey velvet sofa, and a wooden fireplace with an electric fire.

On either side of the fireplace, two drums have been installed.

In the foreground, Kenny and Ginni can be seen looking forward to Danny’s crumpets and tea.

Danny looks to be seated on a matching sofa, complete with a gold-colored satin pouffe.

On the right-hand side of the room, opposite the grey sofa, is a cream and pine table and chairs.

The downstairs hallway has brown wooden flooring with yellow, red, and green accents. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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