Infections are seen in hotspots, according to the green list. Will Majorca and Ibiza switch to amber?


Infections are seen in hotspots, according to the green list. Will Majorca and Ibiza switch to amber?

TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS ARE STILL IN EFFECT FOR KEY SUMMER HOLIDAY DESTINATIONS, putting a damper on hundreds of Brits’ plans to travel overseas. Will Majorca and Ibiza, on the other hand, be included to the amber list? Here’s the most recent information and data from Covid.

International travel remains precarious as coronavirus restrictions loosen around the world, with the UK government creating a traffic light system that can be changed at any time should instances increase. Only countries on the green list are allowed to travel freely under the system; unfortunately, there aren’t many on the list, discouraging tourists looking for a week in the sun.

The popular Spanish Balearic Islands were included to the green list in the most recent travel update.

This meant that holiday locations like Majorca, Ibiza, Menorca, and Formentera were now accessible to British tourists without the need to segregate upon their return to the UK.

Mainland Spain, on the other hand, remains on the amber list, and there are fears that the archipelago could be elevated to amber at any time.

In addition, new Spanish regulations require unvaccinated British visitors to show confirmation of a negative test before traveling.

The next travel report is scheduled to arrive three weeks after the previous one, on Thursday, July 15.

Nothing, however, has been confirmed as of yet.

While there is still time before the review, Spain’s infection rate does not appear to be improving.

Over the last seven days, mainland Spain recorded 109 illnesses per 100,000, according to Reuter’s Covid-19 tracking dashboard.

Every day, on average, 7,343 new infections are reported.

For perspective, Portugal’s seven-day incidence rate was 37.2 new cases per 100,000 people when the decision to remove it off the green list was taken.

The situation in the Balearics isn’t much better, with the Spanish Ministry of Health reporting 304 new infections in the Balearics in less than 24 hours on Thursday.

This was a 105 percent increase over the previous day.

The situation in the Balearic Islands isn’t looking good either, with health officials reporting 303 instances in the preceding 24 hours, up from 233 the day before.

The optimism level has also increased, rising from 6.76 percent on Saturday to over 8.5 percent on Sunday.

The Covid incidence rate in the Balearics has risen to about 130 positive cases per 100,000 people.

This is more than three times what it was previously. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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