‘Inconsistency’: Covid cases in red-list Turkey are ‘strikingly’ lower than in amber Balearics.


‘Inconsistency’: Covid cases in red-list Turkey are ‘strikingly’ lower than in amber Balearics.

TURKEY is still on the travel blacklist, which is causing a lot of frustration among visitors. According to one expert, its inclusion on the list demonstrates the government’s “inconsistency.”

Turkey is a popular destination for British tourists looking for sun, sea, and all-inclusive resorts. However, because to worries about COVID-19 variations, the country has been on the UK’s “red list” for travel since May.

While holidaymakers may have hoped that the country would be placed on the amber list during the most recent traffic light review due to its low Covid rates, Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps made no mention of the holiday favorite.

Instead, emphasis was focused on the Balearic Islands, which were demoted from the green to the amber list due to rising infection rates.

However, one analyst has made a significant contrast between the figures from Turkey and the Balearic Islands.

Turkey’s Covid rates are “strikingly” lower than the Spanish archipelago, according to Paul Charles, CEO of the PC Agency.

As a result, the travel expert has criticized the government’s traffic signal system, calling it “inconsistent.”

“Latest Balearics data reveals positive case rates substantially above numerous existing red-list countries,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Balearics now have a rate of 519/100,000 over 14 days, compared to 81 in Turkey, 322 in the Maldives, and 98 in Sri Lanka.

“The unpredictability of traffic light decision-making is highlighted.”

Turkey’s continued inclusion on the red list, however, may have less to do with its COVID-19 rates and more to do with its status as an international flight hub.

Istanbul Airport became Europe’s busiest airport in 2020.

Turkish Carriers, on the other hand, is one of the world’s most connected airlines.

Former British Airways strategy boss Robert Boyle feels he has a good understanding of the data used to inform traffic signal judgments.

Prior to the current update, he stated in a blog post for GridPoint Consulting that “infection rates in Turkey have been significantly declining in recent weeks and the reported rate is now no worse than Spain.”

Despite the fact that its data imply it does not “belong there,” he correctly anticipated that Turkey will remain on the red list.

The former BA strategy chief believes the government would use the same reasons it used to classify the UAE and Qatar, and will reopen with caution.

Despite this, he stated that tourists who choose to visit Turkey should do so. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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