In Tiger King, who is Ripper Jack? Meet the armchair detective on the case of Don Lewis.


In Tiger King, who is Ripper Jack? Meet the armchair detective on the case of Don Lewis.

Season 2 of TIGER KING is now available, and it sheds new light on Don Lewis’ disappearance. Who is Ripper Jack, and where did he come from? Season two of Tiger King is now available on Netflix, and with Joe Exotic still in prison, the focus has shifted to other major characters. Carole Baskin’s husband, Don Lewis, went missing in 1997, and the new episodes delve deeper into the mystery surrounding his disappearance. Ripper Jack, a YouTuber and internet detective who became interested in the case, is introduced in the first episode.

Tiger King Season 2 picks up after Joe Exotic’s convictions, and he is still serving his 22-year prison sentence.

In Florida, the eccentric animal keeper was found guilty of two charges of hiring a hit man to kill Carole Baskin.

He was also found guilty of fabricating wildlife records on eight counts and breaching the Endangered Species Act on nine counts.

Following the disappearance of Carole Baskin’s husband, Don Lewis, Joe became obsessed with her.

The first season focused on Joe’s assumption that Carole murdered her husband.

His disappearance in August 1997 remains unsolved, and no one has ever been held responsible.

Joe is heard speaking from prison in season two, indicating he had been looking for someone to investigate Don’s location.

Jack, often known as Jack the Ripper, calls himself a “armchair detective.”

He created the Don Lewis Cold Case Files Facebook group, encouraging members of the public to contribute their knowledge.

“I don’t have any legal experience,” he explained. People were surprised when I told them I received my legal degree through Google.

“I recall sending this person a message; perhaps we should form a Facebook group for Don Lewis?”

Since then, he’s been seeking to build together a picture of Carole’s husband’s true fate.

“This is a task that should have been done 23 years ago,” he said, acknowledging that law enforcement was not a fan of his.

He has over 14,000 subscribers on YouTube under the name Ripper Jack Media.

He shared a live stream with followers on November 15, 2021, in which he updated them on the latest Tiger King season two trailer.

He claimed that it had “something he had never heard before” and shared his thoughts with his followers.

The second and third episodes are about Don Lewis’s absence and excursions to Costa Rica.

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