In the year 3000, let’s all meet! The immersive inside of Doctor Who: Time Fracture


For the live arts, this whole year has been a real “one step forward, two steps back” operation, says Daniel Dingsdale. He was one of the lucky ones working on a major production that survived the corona virus upheaval and is set to open in the spring. Dingsdale is the producer of Doctor Who: Time Fracture, an ambitious BBC officially approved immersive theater show produced by Immersive Everywhere.

It aims to take us on a journey to save the world across time and space – all within the constraints of Covid security restrictions. With more than 5,700 candidates for acting roles, it has been in training for more than a year.

He was able to “cast far and wide for new talent,” Director Tom Maller says.

Maller, who previously directed Dr. Strangelove, 28 Days Later and Blade Runner for Hidden Cinema, says that the way the team worked changed in 2020 – meetings were largely conducted remotely – but it gave them more time to schedule the big show moments in depth. “We’re doing the series separately. We’re doing the series separately.” Nevertheless, we’re trying to preserve the spirit of immersive theatre, where people want to come and do something instead of just watching something. Production designer Rebecca Brower also had more time to work on her set model than normal, which Maller describes as the most thorough mock-up he has ever seen.

Illusion Design & Construction co-managing director Rory Evans, who is constructing parts of the set, said they were on the verge of having the busiest summer they’d ever had and had just used their cash reserves to relocate to a brand new workshop when Covid struck in south London. With 25 full-time staff, they were too large to benefit from some Covid state aid programs and too small to match

The show “saved my sanity,” Brower says.

She describes how friends drift out of the industry to work in post offices or become paramedics. ” She describes how friends drift out of the industry to work in post offices or become paramedics. ”

For this production, I am unbelievably grateful to the universe. Time Fracture is part of the sprawling Time Lord Triumphant Doctor Who story line, which spans comics, novels, CDs, vinyl and an animated YouTube Dalek series featuring their roles reprising former Doctors David Tennant, Paul McGann and Tom Baker.

“But the team is eager to stress that for it to make sense, you don’t have to follow the whole series – or even be a Doctor Who fan: “This is a stand-alone experience,” says Maller. “There’s a beginning, a middle and an end that’s clarified, then you experience it, and then you’re going away forever with the memory.” “If you’re just a fan of immersive theater, you’re going to travel from his. We have planned this show to cater to families, friends and solo adventurers, but also to individuals who want to get together in a different environment and have a much-needed enjoyable evening. The display will only be half-full when the doors open, because of Covid’s constraints, and there will be some social distance.

But, as Brower describes, that has its advantages. “It’s difficult to create grand illusions in a space without a proscenium arch, especially when the audience is very close,” but there will now be a little more enforced distance. If you understand Doctor Who, everywhere there are secret Easter eggs.

The show’s massive prop warehouse has been given to Brower to use.

But while it’s focused on the small screen, Brower doesn’t want audiences to feel like they’ve stepped on a TV set-they poured concrete and constructed actual brick walls to avoid that. Will there be monsters? Of course, yes. They’re an integral part of the world of Doctor Who. The team needs to keep some surprises under wraps, but the pre-publication has already indicated that Daleks will be met by viewers,

Maller states that there will be many leads for each actor. “That’s 42 actors who each have three or four tracks, and there are 17 different worlds.” The viewer has to watch the show for two hours, so.


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