In the UK, a wacky new range of limited-edition swimming trunks with built-in STORAGE debuts.


In the UK, a wacky new range of limited-edition swimming trunks with built-in STORAGE debuts.

A bizarre new series of limited-edition swimming trunks with custom-made storage solutions has arrived in the UK, allowing men to play on the beach hands-free. The world’s first JUNX-brand swimmers are light trunks with integrated storage for sun cream, keys, phones, books, wallets, and even cocktails.

The eye-catching super-short shorts, which come in brilliant neon colors and have a 1980s vibe, are geared at Gen Z, as males believe the 18-30s is the best age to wear Speedo-style swimwear.

With so many families planning a vacation this year, JUNX is sure to make the trip more enjoyable, regardless of the unpredictable UK weather.

Hoo’s worldwide marketing director, Duncan McKenna

They were established because research revealed that four out of five UK males prioritize utility while choosing swimwear.

Almost a quarter of the 2,000 males polled (24%) had had their goods stolen or lost while at the pool or beach, and 56% wish there was a more practical way to carry items while in swimsuit.

Olympic gold medalists Tom Daley and Matty Lee have helped boost the popularity of “budgie smugglers,” with a quarter of males believing they should be more popular as a result of their recent Olympic success.

JUNX was created by travel website hoo, which has also released an eighties-style ad displaying the statement swimwear.

A JUNX-clad, moustached male model is featured in a number of goofy coastal scenes, including squirting suncream on himself, enjoying a cocktail, dashing along the beach Baywatch-style, and making phone calls, all while wearing the neon trunks.

UK holidaymakers will have the opportunity to purchase their very own JUNX from the hoo website for just £14.99 for a short time only, while supplies last.

“We know people are still looking for ways to make the most of their summer vacations,” Duncan McKenna, global marketing director at hoo, said.

“By creating JUNX, we intend to ease some of the tension that people frequently experience while on vacation at the beach or by the pool.

“With so many families planning a staycation this year, JUNX are sure to brighten up the holiday, regardless of the inclement weather in the UK.”


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