In the Netflix show ‘Declined into cess pit,’ the star of Stay Close jokes about his ‘tragic’ life.


In the Netflix show ‘Declined into cess pit,’ the star of Stay Close jokes about his ‘tragic’ life.

STAY CLOSE is Harlan Coben’s latest Netflix mystery drama, starring Richard Armitage, who joked in an exclusive interview that he has an odd affinity for his character.

Stay Close is based on Harlan Coben’s best-selling novel of the same name.

Coben signed a multi-million dollar five-year deal with Netflix in 2018, allowing the streaming service to adapt his books, with each one performing exceptionally well among subscribers.

Richard Armitage, who played the lead in Coben’s series The Stranger, is back for a brand new role in Stay Close.

In January 2020, Netflix released The Stranger, a drama about a family man named Adam Price (played by Richard Armitage) whose world is falling apart.

Adam is caught up in a brief conversation with a stranger after watching his children’s football game, which forces him to question certain events in his life.

This leads to his wife’s disappearance, and the truth quickly unravels, causing even more confusion.

Armitage returned to Coben’s world when he was cast in the film Stay Close, in which he played a completely different role.

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After a young man goes missing, the lives of Meg (Cush Jumbo), Ray (Armitage), Lorraine (Sarah Parrish), and Detective Broome (James Nesbitt) are turned upside down.

Ray, played by Armitage, is a paparazzi photographer who put his life’s ambitions on hold in order to find Meg, his long-lost love.

Ray has been unable to move on for more than a decade, with some of Meg’s photographs still adorning his walls.

Armitage joked to the press, including this website, that he could relate to this unfortunate way of life.

“Ray was once on the cusp of greatness as an artist,” Armitage said, “but he’s kind of descended into this cesspit of this business, which I completely relate to!”

“But, you know, he’s a hired paparazzi who photographs children at Bar Mitzvahs, and they threw in a scene where you see a book he was about to publish on war photography.”

“I also drew inspiration from a number of well-known photographers.”

“It’s completely made up, but I imagined him in the gutter, looking up and back at me.”

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