In the midst of their continuous quarrel, Lady C claims Diana made a “fatal error” with Harry and William.


In the midst of their continuous quarrel, Lady C claims Diana made a “fatal error” with Harry and William.

Lady Colin Campbell, aka Lady C, claims that Princess Diana’s decision to raise Prince Harry and Prince William as equals may have contributed to their apparent feud.

Princess Diana made a “fatal blunder,” according to royal analyst Lady Colin Campbell, when she chose to raise Prince Harry and Prince William equally.

The two brothers’ relationship has allegedly deteriorated in recent years, with Harry revealing in his now-famous interview with Oprah Winfrey in March that they were on “separate paths.”

Lady C has since claimed that this is partly due to their mother treating them equally as children.

When the Princess of Wales was sadly died in a traffic crash in 1997, Harry and William were just 12 and 15 years old, respectively.

Lady C discussed the impact of the brothers’ upbringing in determining their present apparent disagreement on her YouTube channel.

“Diana purposefully raised Harry to see himself as an equal to William in every manner,” she speculated. “Despite the fact that they both knew William would be King and Harry would not.”

“She did it to level the playing field, but it was a deadly error.”

“When one child is destined to be King, you do not pretend that the other child, who will never be King, is entitled to and equal to everything that the other who is meant to be King has.”

“Yes, I suppose she did it out of good reasons, but what an error to commit,” the royal expert said, acknowledging that the late Princess took this decision out of a wonderful, maternal feeling.

“She put Harry in a bad predicament.”

With the arrival of winter, royal fans are waiting to see if the Duke of Sussex and his wife Meghan Markle will travel to the UK to celebrate Christmas with the Royal Family.

Since the birth of their child, the couple has not visited Buckingham Palace together. They stood down as senior royals and relocated to the United States last year. They confirmed that they will not be traveling across the pond to attend a Diana tribute event later this month.

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