In the midst of his health problems, Martin Roberts’ Homes Under the Hammer co-host Martel reaches out.


In the midst of his health problems, Martin Roberts’ Homes Under the Hammer co-host Martel reaches out.

After giving an update on his health fight, MARTIN ROBERTS’ Homes Under the Hammer co-star Martel Maxwell contacted out today.

Martin Roberts is feeling “better,” according to Martell Maxwell, 44, who was glad to hear he was feeling “better” after a troubling health issue. The Scottish presenter reached out to the Homes Under the Hammer veteran over the weekend while giving his Twitter fans an update on his health.

Martin, speaking to his 27,700 followers about how he was feeling when his cellulitis resurfaced last week, said: “Apologies for not being in contact for a few days, sadly, it had taken this long for my foot to get anything like better.

“I didn’t know what more to say except, ‘Ouch, it’s still hurting!’

‘ “That wasn’t the message I wanted to send, so here on a Saturday morning, it’s finally starting to feel better.”

“But this just goes to show that you have to take everything seriously.” In reaction to his recovery, Martel typed: “SO GLAD YOU ARE BETTER.” Martin recently confessed he was worried he’d end up in the hospital again if he wasn’t careful after his latest admission due to cellulitis.

When the broadcaster’s skin condition worsened two weeks ago, he was brought to the hospital.

If not treated promptly, the infection can become dangerous and lead to sepsis.

Martin was first discharged from the hospital after a few hours, but problems compelled him to return.

The actor now claims to be “on the mend” and is taking strong antibiotics as well as getting some well-deserved rest.

He told Metro Online, “It was a fairly hard couple of nights – I was back in A&E the next night, all night, with further complications, but happily I was allowed to heal in our vacation caravan.”

Martin, on the other hand, is still concerned that the condition will recur.

“It’s concerning that it’s one of those things that, if I’m not extra careful, I’m quite likely to acquire again in the future,” he continued.

After his cellulitis “flared up again” and “spread to his other leg,” the actor was exasperated.

The BBC celebrity uploaded a snap of his swollen foot that appeared to be in pain as he tried to get medication but was turned down by his local drugstore.

“Bl**dy cellulitis has flared up again and it’s spread to my,” Martin wrote on Twitter. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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