In the midst of a family feud over conservatorship, Britney Spears slams her sister Jamie Lynn’s new book, calling it “s**t she doesn’t care about.”


BRITNEY Spears SLAMMED her younger sister Jamie Lynn’s new book as “s**t she doesn’t care about.”

The 39-year-old singer called out the actress amid her family war over her conservatorship.

While taking to Instagram on Tuesday, Britney shared a snap of herself rocking a tight bodysuit as she placed her hand near her mouth and appeared to be deep in thought.

She slammed her sister in the caption of the post, writing: “Yep 👍 …. I think I got carried away yesterday when I posted four times 😳😳😳 ….

“Oh well … this is me thinking about it … s**t …. I will be cool one day 😂😒😬 !!!!”

Britney continued: “Psss sorry for the uncool participation 🤷‍♀️😢 !!!!!

“Psssssss also great news … I’m thinking of releasing a book 📚 next year 😜 but I’m having issues coming up with a title so maybe my fans could help !!!!”

The shade continued as she wrote: “Option #1 … “S**t, I really don’t know’

“Option #2 … ‘I really care what people think’ 😂🙄🤷🏼‍♀️ !!!!

“What do you guys think 🤔🤔🤔 ????”

Britney’s new post comes just one day after Jamie Lynn, 30, announced her upcoming memoir, titled Things I Should Have Said.

She shared the news and book cover on Instagram on Monday, explaining that it “has been in the works for quite a longggg time now.”

Teasing what the memoir will be about, Jamie Lynn wrote: “I know I still have ALOT of learning to do, but I feel like finishing this book gave me closure on this ’30 year long’ chapter of my life, and hopefully helps anyone else out there who forgot their worth, lost their voice, or is trying to break an unhealthy cycle in their life.

“Which is why, I’m so happy to announce that a portion of my book proceeds will be going to @thisismybrave, because I know how scary it can be to share personal struggles, especially if you don’t feel you have the support or a safe space to do so, and they are doing amazing work to support and encourage people as they bravely share their experiences.”

The memoir was originally titled I Must Confess, which is a line from the chorus of Britney’s 1998 debut single …Baby One More Time.

It was previously reported in July that Jamie Lynn planned to pay homage to her older sister with the name of her then-unannounced memoir, though the Steel Magnolias star’s publisher quickly shut down the speculation regarding the book’s name.

“We deeply regret that incorrect and incomplete information about her book has appeared in the public space, particularly at this sensitive time for Jamie Lynn… Brinkwire Brief News.


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