In the Lochdown special “Was tough,” the Grand Tour CEO describes a “nightmare” filming scenario.


In the Lochdown special “Was tough,” the Grand Tour CEO describes a “nightmare” filming scenario.

Andy Wilman, executive producer of THE GRAND TOUR, has opened up about the crew’s nightmare while filming the latest special, Lochdown, for the Amazon Prime video series.

The Grand Tour is an annual event that takes place in the United Kingdom. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Jeremy Clarkson, 61, James May, 58, and Richard Hammond, 51, traveled to the Outer Hebrides for the Lochdown special. The show’s creative team not only had to meet strict health and safety guidelines, but they also had a “nightmare” trying to put together the episode’s conclusion sequence. Andy described his reaction by saying that filming the series’ last sequence was absolutely “out of the [crew’s] skill range.”

The trio of presenters are seen navigating the ever-changing terrains of the Outer Hebrides in the 90-minute episode.

Jeremy and Richard watch as James drives his vehicle across a man-made platform near the end of Lochdown.

The two are taken aback by their co-ability star’s to stay afloat while driving on top of a sinking platform.

As Andy detailed in an exclusive interview with This website, this was a logistical headache for the crew.

“Once all of the Covid protocols were set, you were free to do whatever you wanted,” the executive producer stated. As a result, I didn’t have to compromise in any way.”

“I mean, were there any difficult scenes to perform?” “Doing the final one was a complete nightmare,” Andy continued.

“It was really because that is outside our skill set,” the executive producer added. And the water was at least 30 feet deep.

“That was a hard situation. “It wasn’t technically difficult to film, but it was difficult to do,” he explained, adding that adhering to rules to ensure coronavirus didn’t enter the set was also a challenge.

After the initial lockdown last year, Andy noted that the team needed to get back on track, saying, “So we got stuff to do, to keep the lights on in the office, give ourselves something to do, and give the viewers something to watch.”

Outside of our area of expertise

Andy Wilman is a writer who lives in New York City

“In that sense, it was all realistic. Then came the question of “how?” when we agreed to execute it and Amazon gave us the go-ahead and the funds. Andy went on to say.

“Everything was a nightmare for Covid wise. At this time, there was no way to get insurance for film shootings.

“So, if one individual in a group gets Covid,” Brinkwire Summary News says.


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