In the English Channel, a massive whale dies after becoming stuck on rocks.


A massive whale dies after becoming stranded on rocks in the English Channel.

After beaching itself on rocks near the port of Calais, a massive 19-metre long fin whale, estimated to be around 30 years old and weighing 15 tonnes, will be autopsied later.

A massive whale has died after beaching itself and becoming stranded on rocks in the English Channel.

On Saturday, a 19-meter-long female fin whale became stuck on the rocks in the port of Calais.

After the whale, which is thought to be around 30 years old, is removed later today, an autopsy will be performed.

According to Metro, Jacky Karpouzopoulos, president of the Mammalogical Co-ordination of Northern France (CMNF), believes the whale was sick, which could explain the unusual beaching.

“She was sick, but she made it to Calais alive,” he told French media. “Then she got too close to the rocks and ran aground.”

The whale, which weighs about 15 tonnes, will be cut up and cremated after it has been examined.

Whales like this one stranding in the area is unusual, but it has happened before.

In 2015, a total of ten whales were discovered stranded on Calais beaches, including a group of seven in a single incident believed to be from the same pilot whale pod.

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Only three of them survived and made it back to sea after firefighters desperately tried to save them by spraying them with water.

Fin whales are the world’s second largest mammals, only blue whales outnumbering them.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature has listed them as vulnerable.

The waters off the coast of France are home to a variety of whale species.

A humpback whale was discovered washed up on a beach on France’s Mediterranean coast in the south earlier this year.

A group of scientists recently announced the launch of a project to translate whale-speak in the hopes of one day being able to communicate with them.

It may finally put an end to the age-old debate over whether or not animals have the ability to communicate.


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