In The Empire Strikes Back, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford’s kiss almost went even further.


And die-hard fans agree that it’s not always up to snuff with the Star Wars saga.

Take the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special, for example, from 1978.

Yet the majority believe that one of the best films in the series is The Empire Strikes Back. So fans of Star Wars may be surprised to hear that the Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and Leia Organa (Carrie Fisher) romance almost went quite differently.

The Empire Strikes Back concentrates heavily on Han and Leia’s romance.

“The Empire Strikes Back” the middle chapter of the original Star Wars trilogy, is known for its dramatic twist, Yoda’s introduction and its devastating conclusion.

But the movie also has the most beloved love story in the saga.

The Empire Strikes Back demonstrates early on how Han and Leia’s feelings for each other grew.

And it flirts with true romance frequently.

Though Han is courting the love of Leia, the Rebel Alliance leader is not ready to open her heart to the renegade smuggler. But Leia knows that she will have only one more opportunity to confess her love to him after their adventure together.

When Han is about to be frozen in carbonite, she eventually says “I love you.” And Han simply responds, “I know.” in a popular improvisation by Ford.

Carrie Fisher hilariously revealed that instead of playing this “Star Wars” hero, she would rather play this “Star Wars” hero.

The kiss almost made Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford ever more intimate.

But Good Morning America discovered some rare behind-the-scenes footage from’ The Empire Strikes Back’ in a recent episode. The footage not only provides a peek into the development, but also reveals an alternate version between Han and Leia of a crucial moment.

Han and Leia’s first kiss is interrupted by C-3PO in the final film (Anthony Daniels).

And Leia slinks away after the droid’s intrusion, the moment lost.

But the couple is not interrupted in this new video. Leia, instead, does not deny her feelings and comes back for another kiss.

Although it is unclear how this scene might have ended, on Leia’s side, it definitely indicates less inner conflict. The “The Empire Strikes Back” suspense is part of the reason the Han-Leia tale in “do you want her or don’t you want her” is so unforgettable.

And it seems like this version addresses that question much sooner.

The friendship between Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford shifts the context behind a classic moment in “Star Wars”

The “Star Wars” symbols on the set of the original film had a true affair.

The reality behind the saga of ‘Star Wars’ brings much more texture to the story of Han and Leia.

She and Ford had a three-month relationship during the shooting of the first movie, as Fisher herself announced in 2016. So by the moment the romance between their characters flared, it was beyond the actors.

In Hollywood, romances between co-stars on set are popular.

Yet Star Wars fans were surprised by the news that Fisher and Ford were already a couple. It makes sense in retrospect, given the palpable intimacy between the actors in “The Empire Strikes Back.” Without it, the love story of Han and Leia would be much less convincing.


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